Warrior Poetry: CM Punk

Thanks for checking out Warrior Poetry. I’ve decided to jump back on the horse after around six years. What better way to get the juices flowing than some good old fashioned professional wrestling poetry? Sounds like a novel idea to me. I’ll be twinning the poems with awesome illustrations from Deviant Art. If you haven’t seen these before, check it out. Some amazing artwork! I hope you enjoy the poem, and please feel free to leave feedback and/or criticism in a comment below. Thank you for reading!

cm_punk_by_predator_fan-d4whe0vCM Punk – Source: Deviant Art

CM Punk

As the best in the world
Is how he wishes to be referred
Despite multiple roadblocks
He could never be deterred

From the true rock bottom
Of wrestling in the backyard
To working in the big leagues
At the very top of the card

You’re not big enough
You just don’t look right
Despite this criticism
He never gave up the fight

Respect is what he yearned for
Opportunities, he earned more
Never compromising on his beliefs
Made him the superstar that all fans adore

They chant his name in every town
He turns their frowns upside down
Not with a sickly hero facade
But with feet and fists that strike super hard

He doesn’t pander to anyone
Makes no apologies for what he’s become
The straight edge superstar has reached the apex
But he still won’t rest from tapping out the second best


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