Despite numerous difficulties, I managed to review Monday Night Raw


The squabbling contestants – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

Thanks a lot for checking out the weekly review of Monday Night Raw, right here, on The Real Mid Card. Thanks for the pop. My personal life has been insanely hectic over the last week. I recently moved home. If you’ve done this, you’ll know how crazy it is. So much stuff to sort out. Despite this, I’ve still managed to keep uploading regularly and I’m very pleased with how things are going with the site. There is plenty more to come on TNA Impact, Smackdown, Ring of Honor and much more this week. If you like wrestling, give us a Follow and stay updated for daily articles.

I watched Raw with my notepad last night as usual, and I set myself a target to only make a few lines of notes for each segment. This may be the article that actually stays snappy for the first time ever! I hope you enjoy reading it. Here goes.

The show opened with Vickie Guerrero delivering a statement in front of the camera. She announced that there would be a champion against champion match for the main event featuring John Cena and Alberto Del Rio. She actually did a decent job of making this seem like a much bigger deal than it actually is.

Then we had that traditional, predictable in-ring promo when all of the participants in the upcoming multiple man match at the PPV come out and each say why they are going to win. I’ve seen a thousand of these things, but it was still pretty good. Daniel Bryan was sporting an amazing ‘Respect the beard’ t-shirt. I need to get this! Sadly there was no RVD, despite Punk calling him out a little.

They built up the main event through the night with cool vignettes looking back at some of the greatest champions of all time, WWE and World Heavyweight Champions respectively. This vignette featured Buddy Rogers and Lou Thesz.

The Usos & Christian v The Shield This was a really good rematch from last week. The Shield got their win back, which was totally the right decision. Dean Ambrose rolled up Christian after Seth Rollins had hung him up on the apron.

Kane and Daniel Bryan got together for yet another backstage segment between them. This one was pretty funny to be fair. It was more of the same, except Bryan announced that he would be the special guest referee for Kane’s rematch against Randy Orton.

Dolph Ziggler v Jinder Mahal There are no words to describe how little I cared about this. Ziggler won the match. I don’t know why the match even took place.

Triple H caught up with Vickie backstage. He actually put her over for booking a great show. Fair play, it was pretty good.

Then we saw an epic Mark Henry vignette building him up. WWE build people up a lot these days!

Kane v Randy Orton Daniel Bryan looked legendary in the stripes. He disqualified Kane, but later reversed the decision after being intimidated by the livid monster. It was a pretty entertaining match, which ended with Kane hitting the big boot and winning after an extremely fast count by his former tag team partner. Kane didn’t take too kindly to that, got the little goat by his neck, but eventually let him go. Orton didn’t offer the same hospitality and delivered an RKO.

CM Punk, Paul Heyman and Curtis Axel had a fairly heated discussion backstage. In short, Punk doesn’t trust Axel. Heyman just wants him to trust his judgement of character.


The dancing George McFly – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

Fandango v Sheamus Fandango is back! The crowd were completely dead for his entrance. His buzz has definitely gone. Summer Rae was looking fine as usual. I don’t know if this is the latest weird feud for Sheamus, but he got the win here after the dancer bailed early on and gave it up by count out.

The Miz v Ryback This match was stopped early on with Ryback complaining of a leg injury.

Mark Henry came out and gave a career reflection promo and made threats about Payback. I hope he wins the title, especially given his epic new ‘That’s What I Do’ t-shirt. It was a great show for new, cool t-shirts.

Vince McMahon then cornered Vickie backstage to hate on Daniel Bryan some more, and threaten her job.

CM Punk & Curtis Axel v The Prime Time Players This match had a great dynamic and actually told an interesting story. The competitiveness between the two of them did not make them a cohesive unit. Punk ended the match with the GTS on Young, only for Axel to tag himself in and get the cover on him for the pinfall victory.

Then we saw another cool vignette adding to the championship prestige. This one featured one of my personal heroes Stone Cold Steve Austin and the great WCW Sting. This should set the annual Wrestlemania appearance rumours into overdrive.

Kaitlin v Alicia Fox I didn’t see how this match ended, but Alicia was looking good for her very rare appearance on the flagship show. AJ came down afterwards and put a photo on the tron, apparently showing Kaitlin’s modelling photos from her time before WWE. It was clearly just a fat chick with her head photoshopped on top. Pretty juvenile, but oh well.

Stephanie then headed for the office to complete the weekly McMahon/Guerrero meetings trifecta. She threatened her again and announced that next week would see a job evaulation for the General Manager, before warning her against trying to play the McMahon’s against each other.


Zeb Colter on a racist flex – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

Cody Rhodes v Antonio Cesaro Zeb Colter gave a hilarious political speech on the way to the ring. How I’ve missed these! He then brought out Jack Swagger. It will be interesting to see how this little threesome develops from here, going into the Money in the Bank ladder match. Cesaro won with the neutralizer. Cody jobs as usual. Come on Dusty, pull the strings for the sake of the business!

Triple H and Booker T were up next in the legendary champions vignette.

Extremely irritating Diva bullshit backstage, shot in some weird reality TV camera angle format. That made it even more sickly.

John Cena v Alberto Del Rio Not the best match of all time, but decent all the same. Cena had Del Rio locked in the STF, before Mark Henry showed up and distracted him. Alberto almost capitalized with the rollup, but Cena kicked out. Dolph Ziggler came down and jumped on the top rope. That distracted Del Rio, and Cena got the win with the FU. So I guess Ziggler won in the battle of who can cost their nemesis the match most effectively. Henry collected the title belt and gave it to Cena. Mind games.

Raw then went off the air with a quick snapshot of the rocking chair from the Wyatt Family promos. I really, really hope this is a subtle way of foreshadowing for their debut either on Smackdown or Raw next week. It’s been far too long in the making now.

All in all, I would say this was a decent show. It was probably a slight step down in comparison to recent quality, but nonetheless, it was pretty solid. I don’t have any real complaints, and I’m still super stoked for Money in the Bank!

Thanks a lot for reading my review. I actually managed to keep it fairly short. Go me! I hope you can stick with me and my fellow writers through this week and stay locked when normal service resumes soon. Follow, like and comment. Thanks for all of your support.



3 thoughts on “Despite numerous difficulties, I managed to review Monday Night Raw

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  2. I applaud you for being able to sit through three hours of Raw the way wrestling has gone downhill these days. I wish I had your patience. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks a lot for the comment my friend! I’ve found it more enjoyable than ever in recent months, but everyone is different I guess. I hope you enjoy the writing at least :)

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