Technical Difficulties

Hi everyone. Just a quick update on the site. I moved house on Friday and have had no broadband since. It’s being installed tomorrow. During this time, I’ve been uploading some posts I prepared earlier and drafted, because all I have is the app. That’s what I’m writing this on right now, on my phone. I’ve still managed to keep up with uploading daily posts but its interrupted the schedule a lot.

Fear not. Normal service will be resumed tomorrow with four back to back days of wrestling reviews on WWE, TNA, and Ring of Honor. Be sure to check back for all of that and lots of other pro wrestling related uploads, with the occasional pinch of other. Thanks for sticking with us through this slightly awkward period.

I hope you have all been enjoying the Warrior Poetry series. There is more of that to come, along with more classic PPV reviews. Despite this end of month hiccup, the site had it’s best ever traffic last month and now has a pleasing steady readership, with rising daily averages. This is thanks to all of your support and interest. I am deeply grateful for that.

As I said before, be sure to keep checking back for new material every single day. If you like what you read, hit follow, give us a reblog or post a link to this site to a friend. I and my two colleagues really do appreciate it. We wouldn’t go to the effort of writing words by the thousand if we didn’t think some fellow wrestling freaks out there may enjoy reading them.

Thanks for your patience, your support and stay locked!




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