Ring of Honor: Top Five

My Top Five (six, but who’s counting?) Ring of Honor Wrestlers

Rather than going for “My favorite ROH wrestlers” I decided to go with the 5 who I personally think are the most synonymous with ROH  itself. Guys who when you think of Ring of Honor, their name instantly follows.

Number One – Bryan Danielson


Bryan Danielson – Source: Ring of Honor

There was really only one choice for the first slot and it’s hardly going to surprise anyone. The first ROH match I ever saw involved Bryan (vs. Nigel McGuinness) and he was the reason that I got hooked on ROH. He’s the best wrestler I’ve ever seen live and with his recent antics in WWE (which seems to be building back towards his late-ROH character) is swiftly becoming not just my favorite “technical” wrestler, but is starting to seriously challenge Chris Jericho as my all time favorite.

Whether it’s his seemingly brutal strikes or his unparalleled chain-submission skills, Bryan just completely draws you into his matches and Ring of Honor is certainly where his best work (to date) can be found. Whether it was when he broke his eye socket a few minutes into a 20 minute match, tying Jimmy Rave into knots or elbowing his way to ROH Pure championship glory; the guy is absolutely legendary within the Internet Wrestling Community, and he seems to now be gathering pace with the casual wrestling fan.

Essential Matches:

Vs. Lo-Ki vs. Christopher Daniels at The Era of Honor Begins

Vs. Takeshi Morishima at Manhattan Mayhem II

Vs. Nigel McGuinness at ROH Unified

Vs. Tyler Black at New Horizons

Vs. KENTA at Glory By Honor

Number Two – The Briscoe Brothers


Briscoe Brothers – Source: Ring of Honor

These two guys could talk me into watching a Great Khali vs. Viscera Ironman match. The Delaware natives are two of the most entertaining guys who have ever worked for Ring of Honor and as long as they’re around, I’m interested. I mean, come on. They’re brothers. They’ve got beards. What more could you possibly want from a tag team?

Whether it’s brutal ladder matches against the likes of Steenerico or the vicious matches with the Kings of Wrestling over the ROH World Tag Team Championship (which they have held a record 8 times) the Sandy Fork brothers have been involved in some of the most memorable matches in the promotions history

Essential Matches:

Vs. Samoa Joe and American Dragon at Battle Lines are Drawn

Vs. The Kings of Wrestling at The Big Bang!

Vs. Kevin Steen & El Generico at Man Up

Vs. the Worlds Greatest Tag Team at Final Battle 2009

Number Three – CM Punk


 CM Punk – Source: Ring of Honor

Despite it being before my time, from what I can tell CM Punk is the guy who really put ROH on the map. It was his feud with Raven that started raising eyebrows and getting the promotion known for something more than great, great wrestling. Also, of course, the legendary Summer of Punk. This right here is the guy who will be known for opening (and by that I mean kicking the door down and throwing a pipebomb in) the doors for independent wrestlers to succeed in the ‘Big League’.

And boy can he wrestle. In that first paragraph it seems to suggest that maybe, Punk is more well regarded for his mic work than his actual wrestling. This couldn’t be further from the truth. This guy was involved in easily the most legendary series of matches in the history of the promotion, with Samoa Joe.

Essential Matches:

Vs. Raven at The Conclusion

Vs. Austin Aries at Death Before Dishonor III

Vs. Christopher Daniels at The Homecoming

Vs. Roderick Strong at The Future Is Now

Vs. Samoa Joe at World Title Classic

Number Four – El Generico

El Generico

 El Generico – Source: Ring of Honor

Once you get past the initial shock of “Holy shit it’s a white luchador!” you’ll probably be left wondering just how the man does what he does. I’ve seen him do things that defy the laws of physics as we understand them. He might just be the best babyface the world has ever seen.

Whether as a singles competitor or in his tag team with Kevin Steen, the Generic Luchador was a highlight of any show he wrestled on and his feud with Kevin Steen practically defines the late 2000’s era of ROH.

Essential Matches:

Vs. Kevin Steen at Final Battle 2010

(with Kevin Steen) Vs. BxB Hulk & Shingo at Supercard Of Honor III

(with Colt Cabana) Vs. Kevin Steen & Steve Corino at ROH Glory By Honor IX

Vs. Claudio Castagnoli at Race To the Top

Number Five – Jimmy Jacobs

 Little Jimmy

 Jimmy Jacobs – Source: Ring of Honor

I don’t really know how to follow that picture. Much like Bryan Danielson, Jacobs is one of the guys who hooked me on Ring of Honor. I guess he is that ‘Guy you love to hate’ and I feel he’s one of the most under appreciated wrestlers in the IWC. He’s the perfect heel for the 21st Century.

Vs. Bryan Danielson Vs. BJ Whitmer at Throwdown

(with Tyler Black) Vs. Kevin Steen & El Generico at Driven

Vs. BJ Whitmer at Supercard of Honor II

Vs. Bryan Danielson at Unscripted


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