The Steve Austin Show

scsaStone Cold Steve Austin – Source: Deviant Art

I wanna talk a little bit today about The Steve Austin Show. If you don’t already know about it, you need to check it out. It’s an audio podcast series hosted by Steve. It’s mainly interviews with legends of the business, and some of the star guests on the show thus far have been pretty great. He uploads all the videos to YouTube, and they are getting low thousands, and in some cases only hundreds of views. How does something with the words Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels/Jim Ross/Kurt Angle in the title only attract such a small buzz?

The episodes are about an hour and a half in length. There are some issues with the show, which I will go into, but for the most part it’s a great show. The crazy thing is that so little people have given it a click and checked it out. There are some really annoying adverts on the show every half an hour or so, and the excuses for them are slightly sickly, but at the end of the day, it’s Stone Cold chatting with another one of your heroes for over an hour. That’s worth a couple of minutes of shameless plugging. Anyway, I’m going to try and look at the pros and cons of the show, and explain why I like to watch/listen to it on YouTube. I will try not to do a shameless sell job for the show, I promise.

The Pros:

Steve Austin is in it. Nuff said. The biggest drawing star in the history of the business should be a reason to give this show a chance. You get to hear him on the mic talking candidly about his career and interacting with fellow legends about their careers.

Guests are a major factor in what makes the show so good. The man has had some incredible people on the show so far, and it’s only been going for a matter of months. To name a few, he has interviewed been Terry Funk, Kevin Nash, Lance Storm and Trish Stratus

Amazing insights are what you can expect from these fellas. I guarantee you will learn a lot every time you listen to one of these podcasts. If you’re a big wrestling fan, you will always enjoy learning more about the real mechanics of the business. This show is great for that.

Funny moments make the show a blast to listen to. Some guests in particular have told some hilarious stories. The occasional humour takes the edge off of listening to ninety minutes of straight audio conversation.

The Cons:

Adverts are probably the biggest problem with the podcasts. I’m guessing a lot of people hate them, and that must be having a negative impact on views. Steve reads them out himself, which kind of makes them even worse, because it seems so worked and scripted. It kind of sounds desperate. I know I’m not a fan of them, but I think it’s worth skipping them or sitting through them for a couple of minutes, to get all of the great conversation. All of the products seem to be seedy and horrible too, like some performance enhancer bullshit. Not a fan of the adverts, but what the heck!

Rambling can sometimes be an issue. Steve himself is prone to rambling on for minutes and then by the time he opens up the floor to the guest, they tend to sound a little lost. It’s hard to criticise the guy though. He isn’t a trained journalist or an interviewer and he does the best he can. He has the charisma and experience on the mic to do a lot better than most normal guys on the street would, but he isn’t as polished as you would hope. He finds it difficult to drag the guests back around to topic, when they go off on a tangent. That’s why he often brings guests back to do another podcast, because he can’t strike a balance over a whole career in a short time, which granted, is a very difficult skill. It means you do sometimes have a whole hour where they only touch on a short period of a few years, offering perhaps too much detail on a few isolated topics or events.

Challenging is not really a word you could use to describe these interviews. One of my only qualms with them is that he doesn’t try and challenge the guests enough. It can be a little pandering at times, but as I’ve said before, it’s worth it to hear these genuinely great stories and sometimes shocking opinions. I just wish he would sometimes follow a more Off The Record with Michael Landsberg style and be more confrontational with guests about some of the things they are perhaps not so proud of. It does seem a little bit of a Boys Club at times. To interview Kevin Nash, and not even ask him to justify some of his behaviour in WCW seems a little bit biased.


Overall I would have to say I recommend that you watch the show. You can listen to all of the podcasts on YouTube here. I would suggest you check out the ones featuring Lance Storm, Jim Ross and Kurt Angle in particular. The two part interview with Kevin Nash is also worth a real shout. I’m excited to see what other guests he has in store in for us over the coming weeks. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Mick Foley, CM Punk and Ric Flair!

If you’re a Stone Cold fan, check out the show and give me a hell yeah!


2 thoughts on “The Steve Austin Show

    • It’s so frustrating. They recently took them all down so now you have to get the actual podcasts, which I haven’t been doing. I’ve heard there are some really good new ones (notably one with Jerry Lawler) but haven’t seen them. Apparently you can get them on iTunes, probably on the website too. I’ve been meaning to get around to it.

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