What will WWE do with Rob Van Dam?


Rob Van Dam returns to WWE television – Source: YouTube                    

So everyone I talk to is stoked to hear the news that Rob Van Dam will be returning to WWE at Money in the Bank! I am extremely excited myself. The guy was my favourite wrestler throughout my teenage years. I love what he does in the ring. I completely dig his real life values. He is a guy I’m always happy to see. But what will they do with him? Any return can turn into a total flop if not booked correctly. I can think of a whole host of cool things they could do. I just hope they don’t botch this one. Here are some of the thoughts I’ve been brainstorming:

Money in the Bank Ladder Match: With him returning at the MITB pay-per-view, it only makes sense to book RVD in the ladder match itself. He was a winner of the match himself in his day. He is an excellent high flyer. It would be silly to ignore what he could bring to the match. He could win the match and go on to feud with John Cena for the WWE Championship or perhaps Dolph Ziggler for the World Heavyweight Championship (provided they are both booked to retain/win their successive titles at the PPV) He could have excellent matches with both of those guys. You could also put him into the match, let him do a lot of crazy awesome spots, and have someone else take the glory. Either way, I would love to see RVD: 420 in the ladder match.

John Cena: They could do a lot worse than revisit the feud with John Cena. These two had some great matches and told some captivating stories in the mid 2000s. What they did with the ECW One Night Stand event in particular was magical. RVD would make the perfect anti-hero in taking on the man who stands for everything he is against. He could win Money in the Bank and cash it in on Cena. That’s exactly what he did in 2006. He challenged John Cena to a match at One Night Stand and beat him to become champ, because RVD would never get a cheap win on someone when they are at their weakest. This time, he should capitalise on the man when he has been through a war. That would be the perfect way to set up the feud, in my opinion.

CM Punk: Rob could join forces with his old friend Paul Heyman and feud with CM Punk. Lesnar is already doing that at the moment, but it’s a thought for the future. I think the two of them could have some incredible matches, and there are enough connections there to work out a decent storyline.

Daniel Bryan: At some point, I would love to see him feud with Daniel Bryan. I haven’t got a clue how they should book it, but I think the two of them could do some terrific work together. Let’s hope Rob is sticking around for a couple of years.

Dolph Ziggler: If he does stick around for a while, another perfect candidate for him would be Dolph Ziggler. In fact, this could be a possibility in the not so distant future. Have Ziggles win back the gold at MITB and have Van Dam win the briefcase. Then you just need to choose a route to go down with a view to putting the two of them in the ring with the gold on the line, preferably with the gold hanging above the ring. A match between these two guys would be sublime, I’m sure of it.

There are many more great guys he could work with. He can work well with a lot of different people in a lot of different ways. I just hope they book something good storyline wise and get the best use out of a terrific worker. Rob is now a seasoned vet, and his experience and enthusiasm in the locker room will be a tremendous asset. They should use him to elevate some of the younger talent, but they must be careful not to kill his credibility by jobbing him out too often. That is my only concern with the use of Jericho in recent times. I say bring him in, put him a couple of big time matches, have him win a few and get a good bit of momentum going, then have him put over your next stars. Just be sure to tweak the balance delicately. Whatever they do, we will have to see. But I am extremely excited in anticipation for the return of the one and only, Mr. Pay-Per-View Rob Van Dam.

I hope you enjoyed what you read. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think. What are your ideas for RVD? What do you think they should do? Thanks a lot for reading and for all of your support. We upload a post every day, so if you like what you’ve read and you like wrestling, go ahead and give us a follow!



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