Ring of Honor: The Weekly Review

The following is a review of the latest episode of Ring of Honor. It was written by Ring of Honor Correspondent Steven Forrester. Enjoy reading. Follow, comment and like! Also check out the wrestling talk series Unsanctioned Wrestling on YouTube.

Ring of Honor – 01/06/2013 – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The first match of the evening was a Triple Threat Tag Team match. The winners of the match would be in line for a shot at the ROH Tag Team Championship at Best In The World. As no members of SCUMM are involved, Steve Corino went absolutely ballistic on commentary.

QT Marshall & RD Evans v ACH & Tadarius Thomas v C & C Wrestling Factory

Image 1 Triple Threat Tag

Triple Threat Tag-Team Action – Source: Ring of Honor

This was a very chaotic match. You come to expect this from Tag matches and when you add a Triple Threat stipulation, the anarchy just overspills. It was very hard to follow what was happening in the match which honestly wasn’t helped by Steve Corino interjecting at every opportunity. With so much going on and with the commentary mainly focused on other matters, I can’t really pick anything out to focus on. C & C Wrestle Factory picked up the win after hitting the Overtime frog splash.

The star of the match was surely ACH. This guy is over as hell and was very impressive here. There were a couple of awesome dives to the outside from ACH and Cedric Alexander. I’d say this was a good opening match as it got the crowd very pumped, but for me watching at home, it was kind of a mess.

After the match, Mark Briscoe was cutting a promo. He all but assured us of his victory over his big brother at Best In The World. Unfortunately, Jay overheard him and he did not look impressed in the slightest. I’m looking forward to this match already, it should be a vicious brawl.

We were then told we’ll be getting an update on Paul London’s condition after the brutal foot-stomp that knocked him out at Border Wars. Then they rolled the footage of the incident, as well as of the aftermath.

Inside ROH started with Mark Briscoe again. He told some stories from when he was kid about how much Jay bullied him. Jay responded by saying that all of this was done to keep little brother Mark out of trouble. I thought this segment did an awesome job of hyping up the ROH World Championship match. It made absolutely clear that there’s no real bad blood between Jay and Mark but also made it clear that they will both do anything to each other to become or remain Champion. This sentiment is sorely missed in certain other companies, where the biggest prize recently played the role of an afterthought to a two year popularity contest.

After story-time with the Briscoes, we were treated to Mike Elgin, Paul London and Nigel McGuinness in the ring. Nigel made sure Paul London knew that he had nothing to prove and that he could definitely still hang in Ring of Honor. Unfortunately before Paul London could address the rapturous crowd, he was interrupted by OT Marshall and RD Evans. The tag team wanted to know why ReDragon are still Tag Team Champions, having failed to defend the belts at Border Wars. Steve Corino vehemently agreed with them on commentary.

Unfortunately for Evans, Paul London didn’t take kindly to being interrupted and he laid him out with an elbow smash. Marshall attempted to escape but was blocked by Tommasso Ciampa who hit White Noise on the steel ramp and then went on to the ring to confront Mike Elgin. The segment ended with a stare down between Ciampa and Elgin.

Image 2 Triple Threat

Triple Threat Main Event – Source: Ring of Honor

BJ Whitmer v “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett (with “The First Lady of ROH” Maria) v Jay Lethal

We then came to the main event and to be honest I have to hold my hands up. I really wasn’t impressed at all by this match. I can barely remember how it ended, let alone all of the stuff in the middle. All I know is that Maria Kaniellis joined the commentary and that Jay Lethal won after hitting the Lethal Injection on BJ Whitmer. I don’t know why but this match was very unremarkable. It didn’t feel important in the slightest, despite it being a Number One Contenders match for the TV title.

This weeks episode of Ring of Honor was ‘alright’ in my opinion. It was much more focused on story development than wrestling. Its always good to advance the stories involved but to be honest, the stories and characters aren’t why I got into Ring of Honor. They used to enhance the wrestling but they didn’t distract from the bottom line which was always incredible wrestling matches. I didn’t really feel like either match was out of the ordinary. Not really enough wrestling for a whole broadcast.

Thanks for reading, check back in around seven days time for more Ring of Honor thoughts and opinion!


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