Randy Orton finally turned heel on WWE Smackdown, I think!

ortonheelRandy Orton after striking down his partner – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

Thanks for staying locked to the most reliable and studious source for WWE reviews, and maybe a tad sarcastic. I got sidetracked a lot during this weeks episode of Smackdown and I’m not entirely sure if that reflects accurately the quality of the show. I made some notes and I’ll try and sum up my thoughts as best as possible. My apologies for my lack of professionalism. Here’s to hoping my honesty makes up for it, and here goes.

The show opened with a segment of the not so must-see talk show Miz TV. This week featured Randy Orton, Kane and the epic Daniel Bryan. The three of them had more lover style arguments, which I tend to find pretty entertaining to be honest. Tag-Team Teddy came out and decided to exclude Kane from the inevitable main event match against Rollins and Reigns. Team Hell No actually reached breaking point, and it STILL seems like they are trying to turn Bryan heel. It’s so weird.

miztvCouples therapy with The Miz – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

Curtis Axel v Chris Jericho: Not a bad opening match, eh? As you’d expect, this was a good solid wrestling match. Heyman did a tremendous job of putting over his new client on commentary. JBL did an even better job putting Heyman over while sitting next to the guy, classic heel commentator sliminess. Axel and Heyman pulled off a rouse where they distracted Jericho by playing Punk’s music (I actually fell for this like a total mark) and the young buck rolled up the old lion. Y2J returned to the ring to break up the celebration though, with a codebreaker. Curtis Axel continued to build his reputation as the guy who always wins but never pins.

Alberto Del Rio v 3MB? I’m not entirely sure who won and who was even technically in this match. It was just a complete chaotic clusterfuck of irrelevance. The only highlight was Ricardo Rodriguez executing a textbook splash from the top rope onto all three members of the stable on the outside. Dolph Ziggler then appeared on the big screen sporting a new cool beard, which I hope he keeps. He announced that he has been medically cleared to return on Monday Night Raw next week. Very exciting news!

Kane v the Ryback: And so it was Kane’s turn to face the monster. Ryback did his rip-off of the JBL entrance in the ambulance again. That gets less impressive every week. I zoned out and didn’t catch the ending, but I’m fairly sure Kane was the latest victim of the table powerbomb. This obviously led to him losing by DQ again. The highlight was Ryback actually performing a military press on Kane. I don’t know why but I found this extremely impressive.

Damien Sandow and Sheamus had another in-ring promo. These are really wearing thin with me now. I don’t know what happened, and I don’t really care.

Zack Ryder v Fandango:  Long Island’s own Zack Ryder jobbed out in his hometown rather unsurprisingly. The Miz was on commentary, that much I remember. I also vaguely recall Fandango winning with the top rope leg drop. I could be wrong. My apologies for my bad attention and bold honesty. The good thing about this whole situation is that the expected triple threat match between Miz, Fandango and Wade Barrett for the Intercontinental Championship has been made official for Payback.

bryandropkickThe most epic dropkick specialist in wrestling – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

The Shield v Randy Orton & Daniel Bryan: They are rinsing this angle for all it’s worth with the endless list of tag-team mix and matches. Nonetheless I still found myself excited for this match. That’s the calibre of the performers in question. Things broke down though when Dean Ambrose was suddenly on top of Bryan wailing on his head viciously. I thought this was gonna set up an angle between those two, but then something crazy happened.

Randy Orton seemed to turn heel. He blind-sided D-Bry with the RKO. Granted Bryan did drop kick him in the face accidentally, but the look he had on his mug after he delivered that venomous strike was unmistakable. I expect to see this form into a fully fledged heel turn in the coming weeks. Perhaps this singles feud will be what finally sets Bryan free from the tag-team. It seems to be a good thing for everyone. Hopefully a match for these two at Payback is on the cards.

And those are the notes I made on this weeks Smackdown. I know it wasn’t the most comprehensive summary, but I hope you enjoyed it. Go ahead and like, follow or comment. I appreciate all the support I get.

Thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “Randy Orton finally turned heel on WWE Smackdown, I think!

  1. Face Bryan vs. heel Randy Orton would be an incredible feud. I can;t remember whether they’ve had a match yet but I’m sure it’d be really awesome, their styles would mesh so well1

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