Welcome Home, Jose Mourinho

Jose-Mourinho-1866218Jose Mourinho decides it’s time to return to Chelsea – Source: The Mirror

So the news has finally been made official that Jose Mourinho will be returning to Stamford Bridge to coach Chelsea next season. I’m going to look at the three reasons why I’m absolutely ecstatic to see him back. I am in no way a Chelsea fan, but like millions of other non-Chelsea fans I am very excited for the start of the new season. After the news of Mancini’s sacking as our manager and the likely installation of Manuel Pellegrini, this is sort of a silver lining. My interest in next season has been re-charged. Here is why:

The United Factor

The best thing about the return of The Special One is the fact that it makes it even less likely that Manchester United will retain their title. Something that I and many others will welcome. It’s always refreshing any year they don’t come out victorious, even if it isn’t your team lifting the trophy, which in my case it never is (bar once) – With the transition they are going through Post-Fergie, I thought it unlikely they would retain anyway, and I feel even more confident stating that now.

The competition at the top of the table between the three clubs that are clearly standing ahead of the rest right now is set to heat up dramatically, given the widespread managerial change. New ideas, new tactics and new experimentation. Only in Chelsea’s case it will mean a return to old ideas and probably old successes. Mourinho enjoyed staggering success at Stamford Bridge, as he does everywhere. He rode in off the back of a wonderful spell at FC Porto to win two Premier League titles and four other major trophies in a very short space of time. Many people, including myself, expect him to continue this dynasty of success next season. That can’t be good news for David Moyes and the Red Devils.

The Promos

In the art form that I adore (pro wrestling) a truly great character is often known for his ability to deliver a fantastic promo. This is often an interview. Jose Mourinho is football’s version of the remarkable heel. He brings intrigue and fascination to a press conference, an event which can often put one to sleep. His confidence borders on arrogance, and there is something so refreshing and entertaining about a man who doesn’t pander. Jose makes no apology for his belief in himself, his players and his club, and he reminds us on a daily basis. In a similar vein to Ian Holloway, he is a fantastic addition to the league and I bet everyone on the Sky Sports staff was jumping for joy when they heard the news. The manager with the most dangerous tongue on the planet is back where he belongs!

The Players

One of the other great benefits of having Mourinho back in England is the kind of talent he can bring in with him. I have no doubt that he will renew the places of the Old Guard (Terry, Lampard and such) but I also fully expect him to bring in a few new stars to put his stamp on a team that now may not bear too many hallmarks of his initial tenure. He will work with the fantastic young talent they already have there (Hazard, Mata, Oscar, etc) and help them to be as good as they possibly can. He will throw in some more wildly talented players, and knowing him, create a side that are simply untouchable next season. That won’t be good for City fans, and it won’t be good for United fans either. For fans of good football and competition, it will be fantastic news.

There you have it. A brief summary of why I am delighted to know that Jose Mourinho will be back on our screens next season for the soap opera that we all know and love: football. I wasn’t exactly counting the days to the new season, but I can honestly say that I am excited for August to come around now.

Thanks for reading one of my rare football posts. I hope you enjoyed it. Why not leave a comment?


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