Thoughts on the Latest Episode of Ring of Honor

The following is a review of the latest episode of Ring of Honor. It was written by Ring of Honor Correspondent Steven Forrester. Enjoy it!

Ring of Honor – 25 / 05 / 2013 – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

This week’s Ring of Honor kicked off with a cool little match between the returning Colin Delaney and Mark Briscoe. Due to the victory in the tag match at Border Wars, Steve Corino has joined the Ring of Honor commentary team alongside Nigel McGuinness and Kevin Kelly.

Colin Delaney v Mark Briscoe

Being built around the ‘Redneck Kung Fu’ of Mark Briscoe, this was a pretty physical opening match. However, a suplex from Briscoe to Delaney on the ring apron was really the only thing that stood out about the match. Mark Briscoe picked up the win after an elbow drop from the top rope.

Image 1 Mark vs Colin

Mark Briscoe v Colin Delaney – Source: Ring of Honor

After the commercial break we find ROH commissioner Nigel McGuinness in the ring with the Ring of Honor World Champion Jay Briscoe and his victorious brother Mark. Nigel announced that the main event for Best in the World will indeed be Brother vs. Brother for the World Championship. This was then interrupted by the American Wolves, with Roderick Strong having a title shot they felt it was a little premature to announce the main event. This was then interrupted by the guy you love to hate, Steve Corino. The SCUMM leader reminded McGuinness that a SCUMM member has a title shot at a forthcoming pay per view and revealed that the “Jesus Christ of Professional Wrestling” Matt Hardy will have that shot. Jay tried to hit Corino, Steve ducked out of the way and a brawl broke out between the Brothers and the American Wolves. Mike Elgin watched from ring side.

Honestly this segment felt a little confusing. It seemed like there were five different Number One Contenders for the World Title, and even after re-watching I still can’t really be sure what the main event of Best in the World actually is.

After a quick commercial break we come to Ring of Honor Correspondent Veda Scott with a microphone. She wants to fight MsChif and wants Nigel McGuinness to let her prove that she can be more than an announcer. This was a cool little promo in my opinion. I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing that match.

As a hardened fan of Monday Night Raw and WWE in general, I guess I’m a little pre-conditioned to know what to expect when I see two women and a referee standing in the ring. Luckily this isn’t WWE and these aren’t Divas. The Women of Honor are practically the polar opposite of the WWE Divas and the image that they present. These are professional wrestlers, not super models with a bit of stunt training.

Cherry Bomb v MsChif

Honestly, this was a really cool match! The veteran MsChif controlled the majority of the match. Cherry Bomb hung in there and hit some really cool offense, including a shout out to the American Dragon when she rolled MsChif into the Cattle Mutilation. It seems Veda Scott is taking matters into her own hands. She distracted MsChif long enough for Cherry Bomb to hit a missile dropkick and then a Death Valley Driver for the win. This was MsChif’s first loss on Ring of Honor television. A significant moment for sure.

Image 2 Cherry vs MsChif

Not Divas, Women’s wrestling! – Source: Ring of Honor

That match was followed by Inside ROH. Kevin Kelly reminded us of the Brother vs. Brother match at Best in the World, and also talked about an event in San Antonio, Texas. On June 1st, Davey Richards will face Jay Briscoe for the ROH World Championship. Kevin Steen came along and said he would love to know when he’s getting his rematch (that must be at least the 3rd wrestler I’ve seen this broadcast who has a shot at the World Championship). Unfortunately Nigel has his doubts as to whether Steen really has cut all ties with SCUMM. Steen proposed a challenge. If he can beat all members of SCUMM one on one, he gets his rematch. Nigel agreed.

Taiji Ishimori v Roderick Strong

This was a really good match and a great way to end the show. The American TV debut of Taiji Ishimori was a perfect advertisement for both Ring of Honor and NOAH. The match started with some very slick and fast paced chain wrestling between the two before Strong claimed control for most of the match, continuing to zero in on the back and midsection of the Japanese wrestler after a brutal looking back body drop on the ring apron.

Image 3 Strong vs TaijiTaiji Ishimori and Roderick Strong – Source: Ring of Honor

After the amazing match with Eddie Edwards at Border Wars, I was really looking forward to seeing more of Taiji Ishimori and was happy to see that he was involved in this show. A particular highlight from him in this match was an insanely cool handspring-to-enziguri. The crowd was very hot for Taiji, not surprisingly with him displaying such athleticism. Ishimori won via pinfall following the 450 Splash.

All in all I really can’t complain about this show. I saw some great wrestling. The only negative was the slightly confusing segment with the Briscoe Brothers, American Wolves, Steve Corino, Mike Elgin and Nigel McGuinness. I couldn’t really keep track of what was going on here and it seemed like a lot of time was spent to say something that could have been done in a few minutes.


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