Daniel Bryan breaks the Smackdown sound barrier

maxresdefaultDaniel Bryan’s new aggressive streak – Source: guttwrenchpowerblog.com

I watched Smackdown last night and made some notes. Here are my thoughts. But first. I’m only 10 views away from my target of 2,000 views before the end of June 1st(which is today, in four hours). Give this post a share on Facebook or Twitter if you like it, or even a reblog. Thanks a lot for reading. Here goes.

Kane v Seth Rollins So the show opened up with a good but short match between Kane and Rollins. You can put any combination of Shield/Hell No together and it’s always gonna be at least a decent match. Rollins was selling like a master as always, but Kane got the win this time.

Roman Reigns v Daniel Bryan The other two guys got in there for the better match of the two, in my opinion. Unfortunately for D-Bry, Kane was spotted by the referee attacking Reigns, costing him the match by disqualification. The two of them argued again in the ring after the match, as they teased more dissension between the two. A solid first two matches and a good way to start the show.

Damien Sandow was up to his usual antics with Sheamus in the ring. The man is an icon on the mic and an absolute master of playing with the crowd and getting good heat. It’s not ferocious heat, but it’s good. He is a funny guy. I don’t really recall how this played out, because I wasn’t paying much attention (I’m great, aren’t I?) but I know Sandow was cool, and Sheamus was boring. I always know those facts.

Sin Cara v Curtis Axel Mr. Botchamania made a rare appearance against the man of the moment, Mr. Perfect’s son. I wonder who won. Before the match, Heyman and Axel walked down the ramp and Heyman gave the mic to the rookie, saying that he could talk for himself. He paid another homage to his father with the “perfect” reference and beat Sin Cara with the fisherman hook suplex (the perfectplex) – More than a solid match in all fairness.

Big E. Langston v Alberto Del Rio again. Before Del Rio made his entrance, Lilian and Ricardo switched languages, which was really awesome! These two had what feels like their 20th TV match of the last month. AJ actually successfully helped Langston pick up the cheap win this time, perhaps getting back into his good books. It seems like they are doing a slow burn to a face turn for him though, so I expect another slip up by AJ on Raw.

There was some Raw Rebound bullshit. I wish I could have skipped but sadly I was watching live TV, not catch up. I just stared at my laptop for ten minutes, and didn’t pay attention.

Ryback came out again in an ambulance. Is he driving this thing himself, climbing into the back and coming out of the back door? I don’t see a driver. He seems to be on a real paramedic hype lately. Maybe he has an internship? At least there was an ambulance there for whatever poor soul he was going to bury. And who was that you ask?

ambulanceRyback’s new ambulance fetish (Raw) – Source: pl.wwe.com

Kofi Kingston v Ryback Kofi mounted some spirited but slight offense, before being quickly squashed by the Shell Shocked finisher. Ryback then proceeded to bring a table in from under the ring and powerbomb Kofi through it. Great stuff! The crowd raucously chanted “One more time” – Oh yes! He went and got another, and did the same thing again…. and AGAIN. Three powerbombs, three tables. This was the perfect way to put Ryback over the top, make the match with Cena at Payback seem more appealing and it was just flat out cool to see this carnage on Smackdown. For Kofi however, it’s not so good. He seems to have firmly re-established himself as the King of the Jobbers. To quote my pal who was watching the show on the sofa next to me, Steve (ROH Correspondent for this page – check out his work here) “Kofi got fucked up!”

Another Raw Rebound. I paid more attention this time because at least it was the Heyman and Jericho Highlight Reel segment.

Speaking of Chris Jericho, he gave a typically out-there, Y2J style backstage interview listing all of the various diseases you are likely to catch from Paul Heyman.

Cody Rhodes v Chris Jericho My boy Cody paid some awesome homages in this match. He hit the Alabama Slam (in honour of the man he won the Tag Team Championships with in the early stages of his career Hardcore Holly) and a modified version of his brother Goldust’s Shattered Dreams finisher using the ropes. But Jericho picked up the win in another short but good match with the Walls of Jericho.

Cody_Rhodes_Et_Hardcore_Holly_05Cody Rhodes & Hardcore Holly as Tag Champs – Source: ecwfrenchtribute.free.fr

The Wyatt Family promo was even cooler to watch the second time. I could watch it ten times. It’s intriguing, unlike any Great Khali match.

Dean Ambrose v Randy Orton A fairly solid match between these two was interrupted by outside interference from The Shield. Team Hell No came out and made it an all out brawl. Daniel Bryan single handedly destroyed every member with his ridiculously impressive trademark flurried attacks. This was one of the coolest outbursts I’ve ever seen from the guy. He wiped out everyone inside and outside the ring, over the top rope, you name it. He started furiously chanting “Yes” and the entire arena joined him. This has to be one of the loudest crowd reactions I’ve seen on Smackdown all year. He is amazingly over right now. I can’t believe I thought they were gonna turn him heel a couple of weeks ago. That actually seems pretty much impossible at this point. I’m really interested to see where things go with him and Kane now.

A very solid show which featured some great matches. Not all of them were the longest, but they were all solid and entertaining. There wasn’t too much concrete storyline development, but they did so much of that on Raw that it’s understandable. A thumbs up from me! So that’s what I thought of it. What are your thoughts on the show? Give me a holla holla!



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