Are you jealous of David Beckham?

david-beckham-last-game-psg-championDavid Beckham playing for PSG – Source:

Just a short one today, as I’m writing on my lunch break. The things I do to ensure a post a day. I thought I’d take around 500 words to have a look at David Beckham and the rampant envy he seems to cause among most football fans, especially male ones.

I’d like to start off by saying that I don’t think Beckham gets anywhere near enough credit as a player for his ability. Former England international Chris Waddle recent stated that: “You can go down a list of players from the Premier League or the 70s or 80s, whatever you want to do. I’ll be honest, Beckham probably wouldn’t be in the first 1,000.” This bears a striking resemblance to the comments made by Bret Hart about Triple H recently. I know it made me laugh, and I’m sure it made a lot of other logical fans laugh too.

But quite a lot of people actually seem to agree with this summary, which is bewildering. The comments of Waddle and of Hart both scream of jealousy and envy. There are many reasons for someone to be jealous of Beckham. He has more money than any other player, or than most people period. He has all the fame, and all of the success. Most of all, he is extremely popular with the females of the species. I bet that has a lot to do with it.

Just because the guy wants to take an interest in fashion, attend glitzy film openings or model in his boxers, doesn’t make him an average player. It does make him a bit of a cock, but not an average player. Lets look at the facts. He is the most capped outfield player in England history. He is the only English player to win domestic titles in four different countries (England, Spain, France and the United States) as well as a host of other trophies and individual awards. He played a vital role in the Manchester United side which dominated the Premier League in the 1990s and went on to win the Champions League. He would probably still be there now if Fergie knew how to swallow his pride.

His famous moments like the goal from the half way line over Neil Sullivan, and the expert free kick against Greece in the dying seconds will go down in history and be remembered forever. His contributions on the pitch won’t be tarnished by the envy of others. But it’s his off the pitch work which seems to alienate him to most ‘normal blokes’ which is astounding as most of it is very positive. He is big in charity work, helps to push football across the world and his dedication to the London Olympic project was commendable.

He isn’t the best player of all time, but he would easily make the top 100 Premier League players of all time, let alone 1,000. He’d probably be towards the top of that list. The ones who disagree with that are usually those overcome with jealousy. That’s my thoughts on it anyway.


What is your opinion?

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