A very solid Smackdown, indeed

sandowDamien Sandow and Sheamus playing with knots – Source: http://www.youtube.com

I’m watching Smackdown from last night right now on my Sky Plus. I’ve decided to go another different route by writing a post completely spontaneously. I’ll type every time I see something of note that I have something to say about. This may be pretty short. It is Smackdown after all. There won’t be any time for reflection with this post. It will just be a train wreck of a ramble, with very little time for co-ordination. This may come out a little unprofessional and one sided. I like the bad guys. This may be a little indecipherable at times and my changing between tense will probably be rampant, so my apologies in advance for that. I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts on the show. Anyway, here goes…

So the opening vignette did a good job of putting over Raw, but not a lot else. I am excited that I may get to see Curtis Axel again though, and The Shield. Opening segment of the show is Miz TV. He just announced Fandango as his first guest. Summer Rae is an absolute goddess! The Miz just called the ballroom supremo a narcissist. Really? My boy Wade Barrett is here to get involved. He is making his presence known on the mic. A fracas has occurred. The Miz cashed in his Intercontinental Title rematch, and that match is starting now. Fandango has jumped on commentary. A very good opening segment.

Wade Barrett (c) v The Miz (for the Intercontinental Championship) Fandango is doing an amazing job on commentary with his deep raspy tones. He has now proceeded to repeat his dancing outside the ring during matches routine. He then attacks The Miz ending the match with a DQ. Wade keeps the title, and the rematch was a waste. Barrett then helped Fandango with the beat down, before hitting him with the bull hammer elbow. He seems to be in a sort of tweener position at the moment. Decent match though and a great period of the show overall.

Daniel Bryan and Kane just had another generic “I’m not the weak link” conversation backstage, and now they are coming out for a match. Bryan is taking on Jack Swagger in a single’s match.

Daniel Bryan v Jack Swagger Good technical match. Not overly long but solid. You can expect that every time Bryan gets in the ring. He picks up the win with the No Lock, and goes back and puts it on him again after the bell rings. The signs of the heel turn are already showing. I would expect something more concrete on that in coming weeks. Smackdown has been very cool so far though, or maybe I’m just really high?

danielbryanDaniel Bryan applying the No Lock – Source: http://www.wwehunks.com

So, moving forward. Constant reminders of Raw, and now a rebound of the Ryback promo from Monday. The beauty of Sky Plus is that I can fast forward this. And we’re back. Damien Sandow is in the ring with a very nice looking desk. This looks like a good thing. Silence! He is getting cheap heat by insulting the crowds intelligence. Vintage Sandow! He is now roasting Matt Striker for letting down the Substitute Teachers of America Association with his inability to untie a very complicated looking knot. Oh, Sheamus is here. Yay…

Josh Matthews seems to be clearly turning heel now, and that’s kinda cool. Sheamus is attempting to untie the crazy knot. Now, Sandow himself steps forward to take care of some serious knot business, by pulling out a pair of pliers. Just like Alexander The Great, he broke the Gordian Knot. He is now hoisting it above his head proudly like a Championship belt. Sheamus is probably gonna do something lame like start a fight. Who wants to see that while watching a wrestling show? And as I just predicted, he just tried to “resort to brute force” when “he couldn’t meet the mental challenge” or that’s how Sandow puts it anyway. I concur. He tried to Brogue Kick him but Sandow nipped out under the ropes just in time, like a total boss. Sheamus just threw Striker at him through the ropes, and talked about Isaac Newton. That was a pretty great segment considering, and this post isn’t going to be anywhere near as short as I expected. If you’re still reading, thanks for hanging in there. Keep on powering through.

Big Show v Chris Jericho The former team mates of Jeri-Show are here to battle it out. I’m finding it hard to focus on this match. I’ll be honest. It’s just an irrelevance. I love Y2J but I’m just getting easily distracted. Big Show is outside the ring and is about to be counted out. Yeah, Jericho picks up the win.

So, this is interesting. I just skipped a fifteen minute Raw Rebound which focused on the Curtis Axel and Triple H situation. Crazy waste of Smackdown time. Classic B show mentality. Some good news. Paul Heyman and Curtis Axel are actually out here on Smackdown. This I do want to see. I love the new Heyman guy’s beard. Paul is majorly putting over his own successes as a manager. I can’t argue with his credentials. Axel is now able to come out and brag about having made Hunter have a bad turn on Raw now too. That’s a great way for him to get some heat and some credibility. Good promo on the whole from both guys. And now it’s time for his second ever match (in this new character) against Mr. Botchamania Sin Cara.

Curtis Axel v Sin Cara One thing I have missed about Sin Cara is his awesome ring lighting. It’s good to see that again. This should be a decent match, as long as Sin Cara doesn’t try too much. It was okay. I got distracted pretty easily, but I’m looking forward to seeing more from this guy. He picked up the win. He is undefeated after two matches now.

Dean Ambrose (c) v Kofi Kingston (for the United States Championship) This has been quite the Smackdown. Two title rematch clauses used in one night. It’s always good to hear that amazing Shield music. The two of them head back and let Dean do his thing again. Just like at Extreme Rules, he doesn’t need them to help him go over the King of the Mid Card. Maybe not. They came out and helped beat down Kofi in a three on one assault. Another DQ ending to a rematch. Sheamus and Randy Orton came out to help and got huge pops from the crowd to be fair. Tag Team Teddy just came out and shocked the world by booking a six man tag team match.


The Teddy Long Thought Process – Source: withleather.uproxx.com

The Shield v Randy Orton, Sheamus & Kofi Kingston So this appears to be the impromptu main event of what I have to say, has been a good episode of Smackdown. Granted the match is classic boring Teddy, but I’m actually always happy to see The Shield in a six man tag team match. They can make it interesting, whoever they are in there with. It’s been as solid as usual so far, but nothing particularly spectacular. The Viper just hit a very good, high impact Superplex. That’s given the match some real energy as Orton and Rollins reach for the tag.

Sheamus bursts in and takes out everyone. Are The Shield gonna be pinned for the first time since their arrival in WWE? Sheamus is completely clearing house at every opportunity. He just had Ambrose up for White Noise but Reigns takes him out with the spear, only to take the RKO from Orton after rolling outside under the bottom rope. Kofi Kingston is right in the action now, hitting a few pretty cool moves. However, in the end he does the job for Ambrose and The Shield keep getting over. The crowd are reacting pretty loudly. They have been very decent for Smackdown.

So it’s been fun making passing notes on the show. You can probably tell how I feel about it, by what I’ve said as it’s gone on. Just to confirm, I have to give the show a thumbs up. Some really good matches, title matches, great promos and just all round quality content. I’d give it an 8/10 by modern day Smackdown standards. I hope you enjoyed reading along with me on my journey, and stay tuned for more wrestling rambles. Thanks.


One thought on “A very solid Smackdown, indeed

  1. I don’t think Bryan’s necessarily going to turn heel, just that he’s almost completely gonna drop the comedy bullshit for a while. I don’t think Bryan CAN turn heel at this point, short of butchering a puppy in the middle of the ring and bathing in it’s blood. May be wishful thinking because there’s just so many heels at the moment and Bryan’s one of the very few credible faces they have. I think he’s just gonna be the aggressive submission specialist he’s meant to be. The curbstomps at the end are something he did A LOT on the indies and if I’m remembering correctly it’s the first time he’s used that move in a WWE. I don’t know, maybe I’m giving WWE too much credit or missing something that’s happened on the WWE App but there’s nothing that’s screaming heel turn to me.

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