The Unfair Dismissal of Roberto Mancini

roberto-mancini-shared-photo-1311560559Roberto Mancini – Source:

It seems like forever since Roberto Mancini was dismissed of his role as manager of Manchester City. I’ve given it some time to let it settle in before offering my comment. I’m sure you don’t even need me to continue typing, to know that I’m not best pleased by the news. As an avid Man City fan of around fifteen years, I’m very disappointed to have lost the man who finally delivered something I genuinely didn’t think I’d live to see, a major trophy success. Not one, but two. He was sacked within a year of winning the Premier League title, much to the obvious dismay of most supporters.

I don’t really see his dismissal as a fair one. People can talk about the money that’s spent and describe the expectations as acceptable, but they are simply not. To deliver two major trophies in three years is a success, and one that shouldn’t be greeted by a p45. What is the world of football management coming to? It’s been this way for years at clubs like Chelsea and Real Madrid, but I was actually naive enough to think we were different. The man had a 59% win percentage in all competitions over his time spent with us. That, along with the gold he delivered, is a good performance in my opinion.

Not only was he successful, but he was beloved. He shared a genuine connection with the fans. He was openly embraced and his loss was taken with deep regret. You could still hear the raucous crowds chant his name in the final games, after his departure. I expect that to go on into the start of next season, but sadly it won’t last forever. We will all be forced to move on eventually, but many of us just aren’t ready to do that yet. The man returned the favour with a fine gesture of respect. He took out an ad space in the Manchester Evening News, expressing his love and gratitude for the support of us City fans. That touched the heart, and it won’t be forgotten for a long time, at least by me. It’s unheard of for a manager to go out of his way to do that, after being ruthlessly sacked by the clubs misled hierarchy.

Roberto ManciniMancini’s newspaper ad – Source:

We have had our fair share of managers since returning to the top flight around ten years ago, but it appears that we have joined the ranks of Chelsea, Madrid and Milan in taking things to an unprecedented level. The managerial merry-go-round is something that all football fans have had to become accustomed to, but some clubs take it to the extreme. We are now one of them. That doesn’t fill me with confidence for the future, and it certainly doesn’t scream sustainability or stability. Now that Everton and Manchester United have seen their long serving managers resign, I expect them to join in. Behind Wenger at Arsenal, Alan Pardew has become the second longest serving manager in the league, having been there for two or three years. That is just ridiculous and not at all healthy for the performance and harmony of those teams. Clubs like Chelsea have shown that you can buy trophies with a revolving door of managers and players, but you can’t buy consistency and stability this way.

So now that we have lost the manager who took us from the grasp of Mark Hughes (who could well have made us another QPR or Blackburn) and solidified us, gave us credibility and and most importantly, made us identifiable, what does the future hold for us? Apparently Manuel Pellegrini is set to become his replacement. A man who (granted) did well to make Malaga punch above their weight, and had a decent run at Real Madrid (who couldn’t?) – is this the answer? No. The guys at the top openly admit that they don’t want to follow the example of United and Fergie? This is the kind of mindless bullshit that they aren’t even afraid to say. They don’t want to follow a model of stability that has led to United becoming the most dominant dynasty in the history of English football? That just shows the kind of morons we are dealing with. Am I excited about the prospect of Pellegrini? Not one bit. I expect a decline in performance and in results.

Manuel-Pellegrini-1886696Manuel Pellegrini – Source:

I have to try and get over this and stay supportive of my club, but sometimes you just want to throw in the towel, and say “Fuck it!” and stop bothering to follow. I guess we will see how we feel come season starting time, but right now I’m not at all interested in proceedings. I have a bad taste in my mouth, and a chip on my shoulder. I’m not hoping Pellegrini fails, but I’m not getting behind him a whole lot either. When the fans make it so abundantly clear that they don’t want to lose someone, and the board shows just how little they value their opinions, it makes it hard to identify themselves with the club. That’s the struggle I’m going through at the moment.


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