Excellent Extreme Rules

shieldgold2The Shield win gold! – Source: http://www.kickoutat2.com

Once again, Extreme Rules was one of the shows of the year. I wouldn’t expect anything to come close from WWE until at least Summerslam, or probably Survivor Series. In my opinion, it gave Wrestlemania a run for it’s money. I don’t really have anything to complain about. The low point (as expected) was Sheamus v Mark Henry, but besides that I’d actually say every match was at least good, if not great. Good quality work, interesting advancements and some title changes! The crowd were hot for the whole show and deserve a lot of credit. The high point was seeing The Shield conquer their respective title matches and solidify themselves as permanent stars. This was a good way to make up for the sin of making them job to Cena on Raw.

I could type for days about last night’s pay-per-view but I’m not going to do that. Continuing my efforts to become more concise and blog-orientated, I will be giving my thoughts on every match in four lines this time. Do read on…

I didn’t watch the bullshit pre-show, but by all accounts The Miz beat Cody Rhodes, in a battle of the irrelevant. By the way, I’m not jabbing on those two. I love them both. But at this moment in time, they are being cast adrift in a sea of mediocrity. I hope that doesn’t continue for too long, as I’m sure the fellow Miz/Cody fans will agree.

Fandango v Chris Jericho

This was an excellent opening match. Some of the athletic work these guys pulled off was mesmerizing, the perfect way to get the crowd completely on board from the very start. As I expected, Jericho got his win back setting up a potential (almost certain) rubber match at the next PPV Payback. I would look forward to that. There is still more to come from this.

Kofi Kingston (c) v Dean Ambrose (for the United States Championship)

I expected The Shield to walk out of Extreme Rules with gold on their shoulders. My prediction starting to come true here, when Ambrose won this very entertaining contest. I can’t fault Kofi’s ability and agility, but he is a bit of a charisma vacuum. The title will go from strength to strength in the credibility stakes, now it’s around this future top guy.

Sheamus v Mark Henry (Strap Match)

Trying to sum up a great match in four lines of the WordPress edit screen is hard. It’s almost always a struggle. I’m sure I’ve left stuff out and it’s difficult. This match, not so much. Why do you think I spent three lines rambling about irrelevant stuff? Now I only have to write one line about Sheamus and Mark Henry. Sheamus won. I used to love that guy.

Jack Swagger v Alberto Del Rio (‘I Quit’ Match for the #1 Contendership for the World Heavyweight Championship)

This match was very solid. I’m sad that Swagger had to job again, but at least he is having good matches in the title picture. The interesting thing with this match was when referee Mike Chioda actually used an action replay to restart the match after Zeb Colter had thrown in the towel to make it look like Del Rio was quitting. Some great submissions too!

Team Hell No (c) v The Shield (Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns) in a (Tornado Tag Team Match for the Tag Team Championship)

My prediction was fully realised when The Shield captured the tag-team titles from Team Hell No. It was an excellent match. I’d expect nothing less from these guys, having already seen several times what they can do. But this finish was great for two reasons. Kane and Bryan can now finally split, and the tag team division may hopefully become relevant now!

randy-orton-bigshowRandy Orton v Big Show – Source: 233livenews.wordpress.com

Big Show v Randy Orton (Extreme Rules Match)

Along with the Sheamus v Mark Henry match, I had this down as being the snorefest of the night. It actually turned out to be pretty good. A lot of that had to do with the hot St. Louis crowd getting behind Randy Orton. There were some pretty cool spots in this match and for the first time in a while, Orton looked like he was enjoying his work.

John Cena (c) v Ryback (Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Championship)

This was another very solid match, considering the poor build and general lack of interest in these two. Predictably Ryback beat down Cena for the most part, allowing for his babyface comebacks. The great thing about this match though was the ending: Ryback picking up Cena and running him through the Titantron, to a no contest finish.

Brock Lesnar v Triple H (Steel Cage Match)

I am always excited to see Brock Lesnar. That’s what happens when someone is only booked for four matches a year. It’s the exact opposite to the build for any recent Sheamus feud. These two lived up to my anticipation and had a very entertaining match. Lesnar got his second win to go 2/2 since his return. Him losing would have been awful.

lesnarcageBrock Lesnar def. Triple H – Source: http://www.wwe.com

To sum up, I am not at all disgruntled about paying ¬£15 for that show. It was extremely entertaining, and as I said previously, will probably come close to being the show of 2013. Excellent work in the ring across pretty much the whole card, two title changes, a lot of memorable spots and some intriguing plot development. I really have no complaints at all. I just hope Raw tonight can match up. By my watch, we are 2 hours and 11 minutes away from finding out if it will. I hope you’ve enjoyed the post. Check back tomorrow for my thoughts on Raw, if it pleases you.

Thanks for reading.


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