Read this post or I will find you and kill you!

rage_face_by_rober_raik-d4e0fxkRage Face Meme – Source:

So,  I seem to be hitting a bit of a dry spell at the moment. The days of my record daily views for Undertaker posts seem to be over. I kind of thought that changing up my pages, trying to make them more professional and using fewer and more relevant tags would help increase my traffic. That has not been the case at all. After five months of doing this, the relatively good honeymoon period is over.

I’m now getting a pathetic average of views and visitors a day. My weekly average is down 50% and I just don’t know why. I realise that the majority of my last ten posts have been non-wrestling related. That’s more than a pinch. However, when I get my correspondent(s) sorted and moving forward, I should have an abundance of wrestling content up, with the occasional pinch of other. Ah, the natural order!

However, I can’t help but be shocked by this rut I’m in. I thought that by uploading some stuff for the other categories and making it a bit more varied, I may appeal to a broader audience. That’s clearly not happened. I have a fair few followers, but they must just not ever look at the Reader. Either that, or my headlines aren’t very appealing. I hope this one is a bit more eye-catching!

I guess this is a bit of a pledge drive. If you have read my content and enjoyed it (as a lot of friends have told me they have) do me a huge favour and post a link to my site on your Facebook or Twitter page. I would really appreciate the support. I miss the days of seeing a new country every day, and seeing my UK based (often Facebook linked) views soar each week. Now it seems like a constant uphill struggle just to try and keep a steady flow of visitors coming.

I’ve been uploading at least a post a day, sometimes two, in multiple different categories, on numerous topics. I’m far more active than I used to be, and I’m getting nowhere near as many views as before. Riddle me that. From what I read, less is more in tagging, and the blogs with the most posting activity will be visited most. That all seems like bullshit right now, but maybe I just have to stick with it.

Anyway, if you fell for my aggressive headline and clicked this post, thank you! If reading it has made you feel sorry for me enough, please go ahead and help spread the word. I really appreciate all of your support! Take a look at the categories on the right hand side and see if there might be something more interesting for you! Leave a comment and have a chat, if the mood takes you. Thanks for reading, and I’m sorry for this sympathy pledge.


2 thoughts on “Read this post or I will find you and kill you!

  1. Keep plugging away. I haven’t watched wrestling since the heyday of the Monday night wars with my boys, but going back through some of your posts has me curious again. For someone who has shat on pro wrestling for over a decade now to say that, it means you’re doing something right. Readers will come. Just like the quality of the shows back in the day, its all cyclical.

    • Thanks so much for that buddy! That’s really made me feel better. I adored the Monday Night Wars too, and I’ve had period where I dropped off (2005-2008) but I’ve been heavily invested for a while now. I would definitely recommend you check out Raw sometime!

      Thanks a lot for the kind words of encouragement. I’m digging your blog too. My housemate is big into his BJJ and he talks about it all the time. That’s what made me want to read on with your stuff, being jiu-jitsu based! Keep it up!

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