signatureSo, a few things have changed around here. I thought I’d better post a little update on what’s going on. There hasn’t been much activity over the last few days due to these developments, but there is a lot in the pipeline and we should be filling up the Reader again in no time. I say “we” because I now have a new partner. I’ve acquired a Ring of Honor Correspondent, Steven Forrester. He will be blogging on all things ROH for the wrestling section. I’m also in communication with a couple of bloggers about doing some TNA stuff, so things are expanding. If you like writing and watch TNA, feel free to get in touch and you could get involved!

I’ve had loads of fun writing over 70 articles for this site, and now with the help of a couple of friends, I’ll be setting a target of 7-10 a week going forward. I’ve cleaned up the categories and they are now displayed on the home page/feed. I’ve also added the appropriate pages. Check out my bio here. Check out my new correspondent(s) here. Check out my non-wrestling projects here. I’ve added a new cool picture of some cartoon wrestlers at the top of the site (see above). It’s all popping off! Best of all, there is a new (more appropriate) website name of The Real Mid Card. Obviously a brand new URL goes with that so remember to head to for all your wrestling needs!

Me and my partner(s) will now hopefully be able to bring quality wrestling based material to you on a daily basis. Reviews, opinion pieces and features! This will be interspersed with updates or work from my other projects, writing for Area, Birmingham 2022 and Chameleon Recordings. I’ll also post the occasional personal post, or posts on topics like sport or popular culture. However, the majority is going to be WWE content by myself, and other wrestling work by my colleagues.

Whatever it is that makes you come here to read, I hope we do it well and make you wanna come back. I hope you like the subtle changes. Please go ahead and hit ‘Follow’ and we promise you won’t be disappointed. Sorry for switching tense so often. I don’t get it either.


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