Mourinho or Moyes: Who will Satan appoint?

547072_493897997326314_1841033102_nAs you know, Manchester United are the favourite football team of a very famous gentleman named The Devil, hence their nickname. The club is fuelled and invigorated by his energy and his demonic powers. “Sir” Alex Ferguson has been doing his bidding for over two decades, and has decided to hang up his tie before he eventually croaks like Thatcher. Now this opens the door for someone equally evil to step in, or for a person of credibility and human integrity to come on board. Either way, it probably won’t be good news for the rest of the league.

But down to the serious stuff. Given this shocking revelation, I’ve decided to take a look at the two bookmakers’ favourites for the position (while trying to get myself some cheap views off the back of a major headline) I won’t be listing a bunch of facts, figures and trophies or anything like that. This site is for editorials/opinion based pieces. So I’ll be simply saying what I think about the two guys, their history and accomplishments, their compatibility with the club, and their potential for success in the league.

Firstly I’d like to make it clear that my references to the dark side in the above paragraphs and headline are an attempt to rile up silly United fans into clicking on this post. If that applies to you, thanks for taking the bait, and please feel free to leave a comment critiquing my work. But you have to admit, the rest of the nation hates you because your long running success is based on blind luck, corrupt officiating and poor but effective football. The manager you have just lost is a guy as bent as Harry Redknapp, who will be better suited passing on more of the dark arts to his son (Not that he needs the education)

Let’s face it. Manchester United and Fergie have been dominant domestically and consistently competitive on the European stage for a very long time. I can’t deny that they have a few quality players. However, I do still firmly believe that most of their success comes from simply having that ‘winning mentality’ which infuriates me. The people would rather be represented by a team of champions with actual creative flair and exciting action. You can go through the squad and it does lack it. I’d rank Manchester City, Chelsea and even Spurs above United in terms of good football, that people actually want to watch. I know I’m biased because I want the whole club to come down with a deadly virus, but I think my blurry vision can still make out a good side from an okay one. They are, and have been for a while, an okay one, that gets the job done.

With Fergie gone, will this continue? Will Fergie time be a thing of the past? Will the kind of runs that they are lauded for (like having not conceded a penalty all season) be gone for good? Or will referees continue to favour them on all grounds, particularly Old Trafford in all areas of the game? Who knows. I guess it depends how much of a media darling the next guy is. The bookies have it down as Mourinho or Moyes (hence the title) for the job. There are a few outside bets but they are the two I’m going to take a look at.

Jose Mourinho

This man has been a winner everywhere he has gone. Both domestically and in Europe, he has been dominant and almost super-human in his assault on modern football management. He is perhaps still most famous for his time in charge of Chelsea in the Premier League. In my opinion, if he returns to England to manage United, he will completely demonize those hordes of Chelsea fans who idolised him, and still do. This would be an extremely poor decision to make. He has the perfect opportunity (or so it would seem) to return to Stamford Bridge and take Chelsea back to where they used to be. To throw that away, and move to the red side of London (oops, I mean Manchester) would be a cardinal sin, and not one he’d be forgiven for lightly, and rightly so.

David Moyes

Moyes is a much more logical candidate. In-keeping with the philosophy of working towards a secure financial future, putting key importance on the youth set-up and young players, and still being competitive at the top, he is surely the better option. He has proved consistently that he can work under tight restraints, with high expectations and succeed in making Everton all they really can be in this modern Premier League without large investment, and that’s a consolidated top six regular. For his hard work and dedication, he has been recognized by fans and critics alike as one of (if not the best) British manager in the country right now.

He shares Fergie’s nationality, and he has a similar style in terms of management and playing philosophy. He could be the man to still balance the books, still help bring up the kids and still push for the title every year. Whereas Mourinho would want to completely overhaul the team and spend a lot of money to achieve his (still staggering) successes, Moyes would be the much cheaper and more sensible option. He would bring with him less controversy and uproar among fans. In my opinion, he would be the best man to work with Fergie (in his new role as Director) going forward.

Final Thoughts

One thing is for sure. There will be a new manager at the end of the season. I will start hating that person immediately, as any good football fan should. I’d rather it be Moyes. I like them both, but I find Mourinho’s charisma too hard to hate. I’d find it easier to switch on David I think. We shall see. For now, let’s just hope my incessant poking of fun and insults at United and their fans will draw me up a few views today.

Thanks for reading (unless you’re a United fan of course)


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