What does Extreme Rules have in store?

brock-lesnar-wwe-headquarters-lobbyI was going to write a review about Raw from last night, which I watched this morning, but I’ve decided to do something different. I’m gonna take a look at the upcoming pay-per-view Extreme Rules instead. I fell asleep during the god awful Cena and Ryback opening segment last night and had to watch it today on Sky Plus. It was a decent show and helped build momentum fairly well, but it was by no means amazing.

So back to the matter at hand. What does Extreme Rules have in store for us? Forgive me for missing anything out but I’ve decided to take a closer look at the three most significant matches – the ones that will be drawing the PPV buys. They are also the three that are of most importance to me as a fan. I do hope they can fill the card with a lot of other entertaining matches, but it’s success or failure will be mostly down to these three and how they go. They are in order of how excited I am to see them.

Brock Lesnar v Triple H (Steel Cage Match)

I enjoyed the whole segment on Raw with Paul Heyman showing the footage of his client Brock Lesnar destroying Triple H’s office at WWE Headquarters. It was good to see Hunter actually live at Raw. It was even cooler to see the video shot from Paul’s hand which showed the intimidation of WWE office staff, and the ruthless annihilation of Triple H’s desk, laptop and World Heavyweight Championship belt by Lesnar.

This helped to further build hype for their encounter at Extreme Rules. My only problem with it was the fact that Micheal Cole had to hype up the fact that we were going to see the footage later in the show, every ten minutes before it was actually shown. it got extremely annoying. The segment did a decent job of increasing momentum and interest. However, for the match with the biggest star name drawing power on the card, something much more important should be happening in the run up to the show.

Alberto Del Rio v Jack Swagger v Dolph Ziggler (Ladder Match for the World Heavyweight Championship)

Of all the three stipulation main events, I think this is the most exciting prospect in terms of actual in-ring action. Three superb athletes in a match that will surely make them shine. Obviously Dolph Ziggler is expected to steal the show and pull off some special moves and take some heavy bumps. I genuinely think this has the potential to be the best match on the card, and a great match in general.

dolphzigglerMy only worry is that Dolph did the job again recently for Del Rio, which just shouldn’t be happening. He is the Champion and needs to gain some credibility. Right now he is firmly in that role of the heel, who can only win by cheating. He needs some convincing, clean wins to be able to elevate himself up to that next level. I hope they will allow him to continue to run with the ball, and get a big pay-per-view win over two excellent contenders, in a what should turn out to be a world class match.

Ryback v John Cena (Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Championship)

I want so desperately to get fully on board with Ryback, but I just don’t think he has a truly great promo in him. He isn’t incapable, but his mic segments do have a very formulaic sense to them. He seems overtly scripted and not real and emotional enough. I know he isn’t going to be the deepest character on the roster, but I think there needs to be more to him, and I believe he has it in the locker.

John Cena is just John Cena. The match on the whole is by far the least thrilling of the three, but will probably be on last as the main event. I can see it being very boring and very slow paced, especially given the restrictions of the stipulation. The end is surely all but guaranteed, or do they intend to let Ryback actually go over Cena? I very much doubt it, but you never do know. Either way, this match isn’t the reason I’m watching the Pay-Per-View, not even close.

What else?

I hope to God (not literally) that they actually do something interesting with the Divas Championship, Tag-Team Championship and the mid-card titles, but I’m not too optimistic. I expect something very boring involving Mark Henry and Sheamus, and Randy Orton and Big Show. The card itself and the overall possibilities for it are fairly solid, but it needs a lot of touching up to match those of recent years.

cm-punk-f1Being the first show after Wrestlemania, I’ve got used to seeing some pretty amazing matches, segments and even returns at Extreme Rules. The latter would be the thing to make this pay-per-view special. Given the talk online of CM Punk returning a lot sooner than expected, would this be too soon? I don’t think so. The three main events are very solid and give it a good enough back bone. However, I do hope to see some improvement!

Thanks for reading, and for all your support.


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