It’s been a pretty great day in Walsall (for Walsall)

IMG_0633I had a lovely afternoon today in sunny Walsall, of all places. Walsall is never usually lovely and sunny. The weather recently has been incredible. Me and my girlfriend decided to go and sit in the sun in town and take it all in. We had a lovely lunch by the newly developed Wharf area, alongside the canal. I know this is a more personal post than I would usually write, but I’m not planning to actually bore you with all that. The real reason I’m writing this is mainly to talk about all the development that’s been going on in that area of town for a while, increasingly so in recent years.

This will probably be gibberish if you’re not from the area so I don’t expect a wealth of views, but I wanted to keep it real and give some creative attention to my home-town for once. This area has been one of the better parts of town for pretty much my whole life really.  With the Crown Wharf Shopping Park, Wharf 10 Bar and the New Art Gallery, this has always been one of the more thriving sections. With the recent addition of a huge Premier Inn, Brewers Fayre, Nando’s and a lot of tall, shiny apartments, it’s a hotbed for activity. It was a hotbed for more than one reason today, because of the weather.

The Wharf has been a cool bar and a place to hang out for a while because of it’s situation on the outskirts of town next to an awesome canal. On a day like today, with the sun reflecting off the water and the brand new buildings, it’s as picturesque as can be for an urban Black Country area. Walsall on the whole isn’t the best town and it has a lot of downsides, but today I was happy to be here. I guess a lovely sunny day can make anywhere seem nice, but I do think this area is genuinely on the up.

IMG_0636There is talk of a lot of other development too. There is still a lot of land on that strip ready to be taken up. There are big rumours of a cinema, bowling alley and yet more posh apartments. These additions would surely make that long road into Walsall and the canal area the most visited part of the town through sunny days and warm nights. A hot summer in Walsall actually doesn’t sound as bad as you might think.

IMG_0632All of this building must have brought a lot of work to the town too, which is obviously a positive. Hopefully the local economy is and will be benefiting from all of this business in the area. I’m not a massive advocate of capitalism but all of this buzz around the Wharf has to be a success story for the town. Bright things are ahead for Walsall maybe. The grass is always greener and I’m usually the biggest cynic when it comes to my home-town, but I have to give credit and optimism where it’s due. I’d be happy anywhere on a nice sunny day. That’s pretty much all it takes. I still want to move to Birmingham soon, and eventually if I’m gonna stay in this country long-term I’d love to move to Brighton. For now, I’m here and on a day like today, that’s not so bad.


What is your opinion?

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