A belated look at last week’s Smackdown

Kane_AmbroseI finally got a chance to have a proper look at Smackdown. It was the third time I had actually watched it, but I had absorbed absolutely nothing the first two times around so I decided to watch it alone and do my best to focus. It was another pretty good episode, with a particularly great middle segment. It was around 20 minutes long and featured everyone involved in the World Heavyweight Championship picture. It also was another instance of the managers getting more involved in the ring. Despite this, the whole segment was thoroughly entertaining to me. Whether it was to anyone else, who knows? I’ve decided to focus on this section and touch on anything else of note.

It kicked off with Ricardo Rodriguez and Zeb Colter set for in-ring action in a singles match. I wasn’t exactly thrilled with excitement at this point but it got much better. Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger were at ringside to support their respective managers. Dolph and his crew were around too, as he was on commentary duty. The two guys in the ring had a match of some fashion, which was made hilarious by the commentary trio of Ziggles, Cole and Bradshaw, as Josh Matthews stayed quite like he should.

The match broke down with Swagger and Del Rio getting involved. Then out came Tag-Team Teddy to make a change, binding the four men in the ring into the most sacred of matches. Dolph Ziggler even made a sarcastic comment about how shocked he was at Long’s input, which further fuelled the hilarity. The tag-team match kicked off and we got to see more of circa 2000 Matt Hardy (Rodriguez) and his frantic offence. When Josh was rarely allowed to speak, he was actually putting over the ring announcer. The guy is a joke, and I don’t mean Ricardo.

Dolph and Langston got involved in this match. What happened next shocked even me. Teddy Long came out to actually book a triple threat tag-team match. I could almost see a smirk in his eyes. I thought it was a joke. http://www.memegeneokerlund.com must have been going crazy! As he went back behind the curtain JBL shouted out “Please bring back Booker!” The whole segment had terrific and hilarious commentary throughout. All four of the real performers had good solid matches. Dolph Ziggler was expectedly the most impressive guy in the match, both in selling and his attacks. However, he was surprisingly made to job for Alberto Del Rio. This whole thing stinks of a short title reign, which is just tragic. I really hope not but it seems like another version of the most familiar story in WWE – the misuse and waste of big talent.

Other noteworthy stuff:

Ryback and Daniel Bryan had a fantastic match to open the show. Most of the really hard work was of course pulled off by The World’s Toughest Vegan, in an extremely committed and exhilirating performance. Bryan’s high-flying, fast-paced offense was the driving force in the match, but Ryback did his bit very competently too. It was great seeing these two in the ring knowing they are real life road buddies. I bet they must have been having a good time working together.

Bryan_RybackFandango won an okay squash match against Zack Ryder. The fans still seem into his theme music, and they aren’t even in Europe anymore, so that’s cool. But he does need a real feud soon!

There were two promos that I remember. Kaitlin has a secret admirer, or perhaps a stalker of some kind? She decided to listen to Natalya and take dating advice from the impossible to understand Great Khali. This language barrier was a decent cheap laugh. The Shield pulled off another one of their now classic promos, after having attacked Daniel Bryan. They left the camera on the floor to show what you had heard off screen at the start of the promo. Bryan lay on the floor in a lot pain. Believe in The Shield.

Dean Ambrose got the win over Kane in a decent main event. Kane didn’t sell his finish very well at all, to the point that I was extremely shocked when he got three. He did however do a good job of stamping on his head while trying to fight back against the traditional Shield post-match attack. The show went off the air with the three of them standing over his body, with Rollins and Ambrose holding the tag-team titles. Perhaps this means a future title shot, and hopefully a plan to put gold on everyone in the stable. It was a cool image either way.

To summarize, the show was very decent on the whole with good solid promos, good matches and a simply good overall product. Let me know what you think by making a comment below!


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