Sandwell Street Dubz Vol. 1

Sandwell Street Dubz mixtape cover FRONT FINALChameleon Recordings is proud to bring to you the brand new mix-tape Sandwell Street Dubz Vol. 1. Recorded and mixed by MoJoe at Chameleon Studios, it features the very best in emerging and established rappers and MCs from all across the West Midlands. Its content is strikingly varied. Made up of many interesting takes on hip hop, grime and trap, it features big names like Sox, Slick Don, Big Dog Yogo, Zimbo, Flawzz, Jae Sosa, Chucky and even Roachee from London’s world famous Roll Deep crew. Most of these bold and fresh tunes are previously unreleased and unheard. They are bold, fresh and exciting. A couple of older tunes are thrown in there, helping to maintain a balance between the experience and the youth.

Sandwell Street Dubz mixtape cover BACK FINALThis is just the start. There is a lot more to come from Chameleon Recordings. Expect regular releases showcasing the hottest names in a thriving underground urban music scene. A lot of the tracks on the mix-tape feature regular clients of the studio at Chameleon HQ. This is the culmination and integration of a lot of different music made by different artists from similar environments. The lyrical content is very street orientated and although it deals with many different concepts and subjects, it has a common source. It touches on a lot of real life experiences of different kinds, that the majority of people living in modern day urban Britain can relate to. Get it on Saturday 4th May completely free through Chameleon Recordings.

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