When GTA 5 comes out, can I really have a life?

official-screenshot-franklin-with-a-minigunI know I only really use this blog to post about wrestling and occasionally my projects, so I should explain: I am an avid gamer. These days I’m still just addicted to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, playing through the survival mode challenges with friends at my place on a daily basis. I intersperse this with some other classics when I get the chance: Fifa 13, Red Dead Redemption, GTA 4, etc. I don’t play online multiplayer, I don’t buy gaming magazines (anymore) and I’m not the authority on the release date of every single game on the market. I’m just a simple guy who likes to play the games he loves whenever he gets the chance. I’d consider that avid enough.

Anyway, I saw the latest trailer for Grand Theft Auto 5 last night and it’s just ridiculous. I’ve already seen a few trails, and plenty of screenshots but this was just amazing. it chronicled the three protagonists you play as in the game, and gave you a little insight into their respective surroundings. I’ve always been a graphics junkie. I’d actually choose a smooth, realistic image over game-play. It’s just the way I’ve always been. That’s why the 3D and HD incarnations of Grand Theft Auto have always been high on my priority list. They have always stayed above the competition in turns of looks, in my opinion.

Now I’ve been a huge fan of Rockstar and the GTA series since I was pretty small. I can’t remember the exact year but I want to guess that it was around 1999 when I first played Grant Theft Auto on my brother’s PlayStation. I then played London, but not GTA 2. I eventually played GTA 3 but skipped over it at the time of release. The next time I jumped on would be GTA: Vice City, which is still to this day one of the best selling video games of all time, and one of my personal favourites. Even some next gen games I love still can’t match the feeling I got spending endless hours playing that game.

official-screenshot-franklin-spotted-by-the-chopperAlthough Vice City was my favourite fictional setting of all the GTA incarnations, I fell in love with the next release: GTA: San Andreas. That’s a good omen for GTA 5, because it’s going to be set in Los Santos, my favorite area of the San Andreas map. The “world” inside this game is going to be bigger than Red Dead Redemption, GTA 4 and San Andreas combined, if your mind can even fathom how awesome that is. Mine cannot. While you play as any of the three characters, you will roam around Rockstar’s version of modern day Southern California taking in Los Santos and it’s surrounding hills, valleys and beaches including Vinewood. I am so excited to be back “in the hood” so to speak.

I’ve seen from various blogs and screenshots the respective green and purple colored garms of the Grove Street and Baller gangs in the game. I really hope they play some kind of role in the game, because that whole dynamic was one of my favourite things about San Andreas. I’ve also marveled at the sheer amount of different vehicles that will be on the game, including the return of the pushbike. We lose all the needless bulllshit like girlfriends (still referring to the game here) and weight loss/gain. It’s replaced with cool new features like the ability to interact with the general public around you in a way you never could before: by giving them the Stone Cold middle finger.

official-screenshot-michael-goes-for-a-bike-rideYou can find a much better, more comprehensive detailing of the new game by searching online. It won’t be too hard  to find. Game reviews aren’t really my forte. The point of this post was a question. What am I gonna do when I get this game? I just can’t see myself playing it six for eight hours after work, going to bed and getting up the next morning. No way! How will I work? How will I see my girlfriend or my friends? How will I eat, drink or bathe? These are the real questions posed by this upcoming release. It scares me. All I’ve done is watch a few trailers and read a few blogs, and I’m actually shaken by the prospect of playing it. I can’t wait to get my copy when I can afford to pre-order one, and I hope I can still maintain some form of a normal life when I do. I am worried about getting slightly addicted. I don’t think I’ll be the only one.


4 thoughts on “When GTA 5 comes out, can I really have a life?

  1. Pre-ordering is the best idea I think. I remember that when IV came out I didn’t pre-order and couldn’t find a copy in Walsall or Wolves for a week after! Was so gutted haha.

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