My thoughts on arguably the worst episode of Monday Night Raw this year

langstonOkay. This should be one of the shortest posts I’ve ever wrote about Raw. I just don’t know what to say. I’m not usually the kind of smark who is online every day crying about WWE, and whining about the PG era. I love the modern day product just as much as I did the content when I was a kid. But this show really was shocking. That’s no understatement. I struggle to remember anything noteworthy. I’ve had to scan a couple of recaps just to jog my memory of what actually happened. That’s not good. I’ve decided to outline what made it so horrible.

Worst opening to a flagship show in recent memory

With the single exception of the horrendous opening segment/match with John Cena and the Prime Time Players earlier this year, last night’s offering has to be the worst opening to Raw for a long, long time. I was expecting to hear some music hit. John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Triple H? None of those people came out. No. The show started with a triple threat match involving Big E. Langston (not too bad), Ricardo Rodriguez (What?) and Zeb Colter (Are you serious?) – I should have known at this point that this card wasn’t going to be stacked. I had no idea how bad it would get.

A critical lack of star power

I didn’t see it coming, but this show would go on to feature one of the worst cards for star power in WWE history. I know that comparing to the days of the Attitude Era when the likes of Mankind, Stone Cold, The Undertaker, The Rock, Shawn Michaels and Triple H would be fighting it out on Raw together is too much to expect. But the severe lack of important stars on Raw last night was abject. I didn’t expect The Rock or CM Punk. Their absence is bad enough. But to have no Undertaker, Brock Lesnar or Triple H either was damning. At least one of those stars would have propped up the credibility of the night a bit. To be missing them all and left with an injured John Cena, an under-hyped Dolph Ziggler and a non-active Ryback was just not good enough.

More bullshit segments

The segments put together to apparently entertain us last night were shambolic. I would rank them lower than your average Smackdown filler. To waste talent like Mark Henry and Fandango on dancing contests and strongman contests with the likes of The Great Khali and Tensai was just plain stupid. Fandango had all the momentum in the world going into last night and if any of that lives on it will be a miracle.

fandanceoffI thought John Cena was injured?

The IWC has been buzzing the last few days with the news that John Cena suffered a serious injury to his Achilles tendon – an injury that would put your average footballer out for weeks or months. I reiterate. I don’t hate John Cena. I respect him for battling on through the pain, surely with the use of injections. I commend him for being reliable to the company even in extreme times. I just despise the WWE for not just giving him time off. Everyone actually believed this could be the chance to see something totally new and different thrown together in his imminent absence. A chance to push some lower talent. A chance for the creative team to think on their feet for once. A chance to see a produce without John Cena for longer than a week for the first time in… my life I think? But no. That would be too unpredictable.

My final thoughts

I can only hope that the WWE make amends and recover with a good show next Monday. They need to recapture some of the momentum they had going into Wrestlemania. I know this is always a tough time of the year but last night’s episode was just unacceptable.

If you disagree with me, let me have it by leaving a comment.


3 thoughts on “My thoughts on arguably the worst episode of Monday Night Raw this year

  1. After reading this. Boy am I glad I didn’t stay awake till 4am watching the episode! Can’t really comment as I haven’t watched it…but the way I see it.. wwe should read like a book. Every Raw should have something happen. Some progression on a story. Sort of like a chapter in a book..albeit little progression but still something needs to happen enough for people to tune in week in week out…you wouldn’t read chapter 1 then skip to chapter 5 if you were reading harry potter for instance…it’s not logical. You would read it in chronological order as something later in the book may reference something that happened earlier….I understand with wwe having a ridiculous amount of shows and live events it must be pretty hard to have something notable happen EVERY week. But the fact is..they should’ve thought about this before they made raw 3 hours…they shouldn’t be sacrificing the quality of a great great product. Hmm

    • I completely agree bro. I can’t really remember anything that happened to further any storyline whatsoever. Just more of the same. Totally predictable, not entertaining and just not good enough. I wouldn’t recommend watching it haha

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