For All Mankind

One of my all-time heroes Mick Foley has a new DVD out entitled ‘For All Mankind’ – I got it yesterday but still haven’t watched it yet. I really can’t wait to get the chance to bang it on. Maybe I will even post a review on here. I love those WWE documentaries. They never fail to take me close to tears. Anyway, all of this got me watching YouTube videos of all my favourite moments from Mick’s career as Mankind, Dude Love, Cactus Jack and of course himself. I’ve decided to list my three favourite moments. It’s been a tough choice, and they won’t be ranked in any order. They may be predictable choices, but that’s because they are awesome. I hope you enjoy.

Mick Foley wins his first WWF Championship

Check out the video above if you want to get some goosebumps reliving the moment that the world’s favourite underdog first broke the mould and achieved the ultimate success of winning his first WWF Championship. It happened right at the heart of the Monday Night Wars involving Raw and WCW Nitro. It’s so satisfy to remember how the pathetic WCW commentators thought they were getting one over on their competitors by breaking an age old code of the business and giving away the results.

They sarcastically commented on the fact that Foley was going to capture the title later that night. Due to this moronic decision, 600,000 switched channels at that moment to see it happen. As the video tells, Nitro never won in the ratings again. This is the best perfect example of how much of a favourite Mick was with wrestling fans everywhere.

To underestimate his popularity and disrespect him like that was a sin worthy of it’s consequences. As he was hoisted on the shoulders of D-X in the centre of the ring and presented to an overjoyed crowd at Raw, it was a special moment for the man himself, the fans and the company as a whole. The event was one of the starting points for the eventual domination the then WWF would have over WCW in the last few years of it’s existence.

The Undertaker and ‘the cell match’

Of course I had to mention ‘that’ match. Mankind was subjected to some of the most horrific violence in the history of WWF/E during this bout. He had suffered much worse in Japan and ECW, but for someone to take so many risks and sustain so much punishment in the most famous wrestling company in the world was unheard of. He was thrown off of the cell through the announce table, choke slammed through the cell and onto the ring, slammed onto pins, hit with chairs, you name it, he took it.

The match was brutal but undeniably entertaining and endurably memorable. It was the match that defined Mick Foley as one of the toughest ever. He demonstrated the attributes that have made him so loved by fans. His refusal to let the show die, his determination to go as far as he possibly could to entertain us, and his ability to tell a compelling story in the ring. I think that this match and it’s pivotal moments paint a picture of the Mick Foley we all love and admire. It will surely never be forgotten.

Edge & Mick Foley v Terry Funk & Tommy Dreamer

This match from One Night Stand 2006 may not have been on most people’s lists, but I think it’s one of Foley’s best matches by far. The singles match against Edge at Wrestlemania earlier that year would be up there in the running too. I loved Mick’s book The Hardcore Diaries talks a lot about the build-up to this match, both on and off of television. It’s a cracking read and I’d highly recommend it.

I loved the book, but I loved the match even more. There were so many dynamics to it that made it so important and memorable. The fact that as a face Mick had faced Edge in that brutal match at Wrestemania which involved him being speared through a burning table for the finish. All the dastardly things Edge and Lita did building up, which are chronicled well in the book. All of the history between Foley and Terry Funk. Even the respective women who were at ringside and eventually got involved in the bout.

The barbed wire table, burning barbed wire 2×4 and a lot of other brutal devices were employed. It was a match I’ll never forget. It was a match that told a great story with a lot interesting sub-plots. It was a pivotal match in the different careers of all four men.

The bottom line is Foley is God! Please feel free to leave some comments detailing your favourite moments from Mick’s career. Follow, like or reblog! If you liked what you read, pass it on to some friends. I really appreciate all the help. Thanks a lot for reading!


2 thoughts on “For All Mankind

  1. Not jut someone who WWE call a Legend. He’s been involved in many of the moments that define wrestling for me.

    Top Three:

    Cactus Jack vs. Triple H Street Fight. Simply put: the best street fight/no dq/no holds barred match you’ll ever see.

    Edge vs Mick Foley WM22 (I think, it’s one of the early 2X;s). The best hardcore match in WrestleMania history.

    Mankind vs Undertaker feud. One of my favourite rivalries of the Attitude Era

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