Tour Blog #12: Leicester – Meeting New People

IMG_0554I’d like to offer my apologies for the short and probably incoherent drunk update from yesterday. I am currently at The Shed in Leicester and we are all set for a pretty epic show tonight. The Beautiful Word are playing, who we met when they played the first show of the tour in Manchester on April 3rd. James Dalby is also playing. We shared a smoke with him after the show he and Andy both played in Nottingham on April 11th. The Beautiful Word are a pretty interesting folk group, definitely worth checking out. James is an acoustic singer-songwriter who recently got 1,000,000 views on YouTube for his cover of ‘Ignition’ by R Kelly. He even appeared in the Daily Mail and on CBS America. It’s gonna be really cool to catch up with these guys.

Last night was very interesting. I was pretty wasted when we arrived at Jess’ but after that I started to sober up rapidly and the night went pretty downhill. We went to a couple of awesome bars: Firebug and The Basement, but none of our hearts were in it. We were all tired from the tour and ready for bed, but we ended up all staying out til the not so early hours. Eventually, we all got about four hours sleep in very comfortable conditions, thanks to our amazing host. The morning was slightly weird though because Jess was at a friend’s, and her new housemate locked us and a random drunk stranger he had brought back in her room, where we had slept. She wasn’t too pleased when she came back and the whole weird experience but a bit of a dampener on the whole evening and morning.

Eventually we left and headed to the venue. We caught City v Chelsea on my phone in the car and in the chippy. I was chuffed to see that we have now reached the FA Cup final once again. Good times! We got here, took a seat and now I’m writing this blog. Rich has come down to join us, and we are expecting a few other people to pop in and check it out. We are very optimistic about tonight’s show. I just hope we can sell some merchandise because we are all very broke at this point. We need that bit of extra to help so hopefully we can get some donations. It’s sure to be a good night either way. We have a good group of our friends coming to hang out, and with so many great acts, the place should fill up quite a lot before start time.

We are staying with Rich tonight and that should involve smoking lots of the beautiful plant and watching wrestling for hours. I am very happy to know that this is how the night will end after the show tonight, after the horrors of unpredictability yesterday. We need to leave fairly early tomorrow afternoon to make the long drive to Bristol, so an earlier, quieter night is most definitely in store. I’ll be through with an update tomorrow!

Peace! Also, sorry if the image quality is as poor as it looks on my laptop right now. Had some technical difficulties!


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