Tour Blog #11: Birmingham – Driving Under Influence


I’m sitting in the back of the car next to my lovely girlfriend. I am pretty wasted. Yes, this is my first drunk post of the tour, I think. We have just left the Sunflower Lounge in Birmingham. Tonight’s show was peculiar. The room was packed for all the artists but the crowd didn’t pay a whole lot of attention. Nonetheless, the petrol fund received some more sizeable donations.

We had a good time passing through our hometown, or at least the next best thing. We saw some good friends and family members, and had lots of drinks. We have hit the road to head straight for Leicester to go out and party, with our one night tour groupie Grace.

Andy is looking forward to starting the drinking. The rest of us are all on our way. It’s been a good day and evening back in the West Midlands, but we are all happy to be heading back out further afield to see new things and meet new people.

We are on the guest list for Mosh so we are either going there or a place called Basement until the early hours. Then it’s the show at The Shed tomorrow which should be a great one. My old and close friend Rich is coming to take us out on the town afterwards and we are looking forward to that. I’ve never been to Leicester, but now I have a couple of nights to get to know it. I can’t wait.

For a drunk person on an iPhone in a moving car, I think I’ve done a pretty good job of this post. I’ll be through tomorrow with another update. I’ve almost hit 1,000 views which is pretty amazing. I reached 100 US views earlier. Again, thanks so much for checking out this site and showing support to what I’m doing. Whether it be the music stuff or the wrestling, I love writing and it means a lot to know that some of you guys from all over the world are reading.

For now, peace, thanks and come again!


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