Tour Blog #10: Worcester – Stuffed

IMG_0545So the show at Alley Café was a success and we met a few cool people. I met James Dalby, the YouTube sensation who was featured on CBS America for his acoustic cover of Ignition by R Kelly. He was one of the other artists playing and turned out to be a really cool guy. We are hoping to get him down to play and stay at ours for a big baking session sometime. The guys who ran the café were so sound and even gave us £20 towards our petrol fund. Two of the guys there last night were also from Walsall originally. What a small world! We seem to encounter some Walsall people most places we go. The atmosphere was so good there. We all had a really awesome time and then went on for one quick drink at the Pit and Pendulum, which was a cool place. On the whole, the night was a big success on all fronts.

I continued my tradition of falling asleep to the Randy Orton v Sheamus match from Monday Night Raw and woke up desperate to spread the Fandango news even more. Today I’ve already had fifteen views more than my previous daily record, and it’s only 7.30pm. This has a lot to do with my Fandango post I think, or maybe some of you guys are actually following this tour blog. If so, leave a comment and have a chat! I spent the whole morning and afternoon online either laughing at Fandango related memes, or watching Wrestlemania highlights. I didn’t go and take photos of the lambs sadly. Maybe I’ll get a chance another time to see some adorable lambs again and photograph them. We did however; go to the campus canteen where I had epic fish and chips. I need to stop eating so much. I’ve already added chicken and chips to that within four hours of eating it. I think I’ve put on at least a stone, I feel like a stuffed pig. I need to clean up my act when I get home.

I’m currently sitting on a very plush sofa writing this blog on Word. I’m hoping to get some Wi-Fi soon and upload it with a couple of pictures. Andy is doing a little sound check at the moment and besides a few other musicians, nobody is here yet. It’s the perfect time for me to write this so I don’t look so antisocial later. Apparently Joe has to run the sound for the night this evening, which we weren’t aware of before. I hope we get some kind of money out of this, but we’ll have to see.

Worcester looks pretty standard. The venue we are at – The Firefly – is pretty cool though. It has very nice décor, cool little corner next to the bar for the artist and sound engineer, and an even a pretty amazing smoking balcony and garden. I can’t complain about the place. I just hope the night goes to plan for time so we don’t have to hit the road for Birmingham too late. It’s not far but I wanna get back there as early as possible tonight. But yeah, just arrived in Worcester and besides the venue and Asda I can’t really say a lot about it. I won’t be seeing a lot of it later either, so it’s just one of those also-ran cities on the tour sadly.

IMG_0546I hope the show goes well, and we could do with making a fair bit of money for the tour. Hopefully Andy’s family will be generous as they are coming tonight. Mine and Joe’s are both coming to the Birmingham show tomorrow too, so we are hoping this weekend can be the time to raise the money to pay for the travel for the rest of the dates. Fingers crossed. I’ll be sure to update tomorrow when I get the chance, to let everyone know how we got on tonight, but if you’re reading this and you’re local, come on down tonight to The Firefly in Worcester or tomorrow at The Sunflower Lounge in Birmingham.

For now, peace and thanks to everyone who is viewing these things on a regular basis. I’ve almost got a thousand views and I really appreciate the interest and support.


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