The Fandango Revolution


I for one have been falling in love with Fandango every week for a long time. I can see why some people could be a bit annoyed by his dancing gimmick, but that’s never really what matters to me. It’s about what you do with a character that makes or breaks them. To hype the guy up for literally months, and then finally have him appear on TV was good enough. Then they decided to have him refuse to wrestling when various people couldn’t pronounce his name properly. This tipped my adoration meter into overdrive. THEN, they went and had him debut by beating one of my favourite wrestlers of all time Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania!

At this point, WWE had already done everything right in order to push this guy to the top. The rest was up to him, and it turned out, the crowd. He put in a great performance at Wrestlemania and kept up his end of the deal. Everything was going right, but nobody could have predicted what would happen the next night. He came out on Monday Night Raw on a night which had already seen Dolph Ziggler win the World Heavyweight Championship and The Undertaker, Kane and Daniel Bryan stand side by side in the ring against The Shield. The crowd had already been in full swing, crapping all over Sheamus v Randy Orton by chanting for pretty much everyone in the building besides those two. I wondered to myself, will he be greeted by a chorus of “You can’t wrestle”?

Turns out he wasn’t. The crowd hummed along to his theme tune during his entrance, throughout and after his match and even after the show by all accounts. This raucous, legendary, international crowd at Raw has put this guy in a new stratosphere. It’s an organic, fan based reaction similar to those in the past for Daniel Bryan and Zack Ryder. I just hope that the other American crowds can take a hint from this one. One thing is for sure, they will be back in London in a couple of weeks, so expect to hear the roof we blown off with a rendition of the ChaChaLaLa.

Thanks to the Twitter and Facebook hype storm which has followed Raw, the theme song made by veteran WWE composer Jim Johnston is now higher in the UK chart than Rihanna, Justin Timberlake and Taylor Swift. The #FandangoRevolution is a runaway train right now. I hope this momentum can continue. Every wrestling fan loves to see something made by fans break the hold of the creative team. It fills me with a little bit of extra pride to know that this was largely down to British fans. You could hear the football chants going on throughout RAW which showed how big a representation was there that night. The online campaign has been largely UK driven and has now even been backed by British newspaper The Sun.

I am fully behind the Fandango Revolution. Are you? Buy the single on iTunes


7 thoughts on “The Fandango Revolution

  1. YUP! He certainly has the potential to be someone that the crowd enjoys to hate! he is decent in the ring to be a solid mid carder provided he doesn’t turn face or goes comical anytime soon…The WWE should push and push him to the moon as a heel. #FandangoRevolution

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