Tour Blog #6: Harrogate – Monday Night Blues

IMG_0494The tour probably reached its peak over the last couple of nights in Liverpool. From the amazing times with Sean Music TV to a well attended show at the Lomax in town, a great atmosphere of optimism surrounded the whole thing. We all hoped this could continue into the Yorkshire leg of the tour, and I’m pleased to say that it has.

Unfortunately we had to leave extremely early this morning from Emilio’s house to avoid incurring parking charges. We went back after the show last night and hit the hay to get as much sleep as we could (I got four hours myself) before we had to rudely awaken ourselves at 8am this morning. We drove to Harrogate, taking in some amazing scenery on the way. It’s so good to be back in these parts. Later tonight we head to Leeds, which was once my home for three wonderful years, but the show is not yet over.

I’m sitting at the merchandise stand with my laptop on my lap, as always. One of the many great acoustic acts to play tonight is on stage as I type. It’s been a really good night for music, in what is obviously an historic and fascinating venue. The walls are laden with images of the Gods of the blues. Generations of genius adorn every space available. The stage is situated in front of a window which opens out onto the clean and beautiful streets here. I have to say Harrogate is a very nice place. I’ve never actually been here, but I’m glad I’ve got the chance to visit. It’s an aesthetically pleasing place with a good amount of culture, especially for a town.

Since our arrival at 10am this morning, we laid pretty low until show time. Andy caught up on some sleep in the car. Joe and I spent the day in Wetherspoons and Costa on our laptops, drinking tea to stay awake. We had to have a few beers to celebrate the death of Thatcher too of course. I downloaded a copy of Wrestlemania from last night from the pub Wi-Fi, in record breaking time. I watched it in broken segments across the day today, and it may be my favourite pay-per-view of the last ten years. I’ll be posting an in-depth post on this later tonight. Check back for that! I don’t currently have access to Wi-Fi so I’ll be probably be uploading this later tonight too.

The show has gone well. Andy played a good set, bar some minor technical difficulties on the last track – the jack in his ukulele is fucked. All the other artists were great too. We got lots of great video and photos. The venue is brilliant. We are just hanging out and watching some more, and then we are on the road to Leeds. We are staying with another guy we have never met. Let’s hope it goes half as well as it did with Sean the other night. One thing I already love about the guy is the fact that he lives a stones throw away from Brudenell Social Club (one of my favourite drinking spots in the city) in Hyde Park (where I lived for two months) – I’m looking forward to shooting some 50p pool down there tomorrow, before we head to the Leeds gig at Milo Bar.

IMG_0496I’ll be uploading another update tomorrow as usual. I expect everything about my time in Leeds to be good, especially being able to order from my favourite takeaway in the world Sicily’s. Harrogate has been awesome. We have loved passing through. I hope to come back someday. Now I just need energy so I can try and stay up all night to watch Raw on Sky Go!

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Also, Andy has a new video up with Addistock Sessions. It’s really cool! Take a look:



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