Dolph Ziggler and the other stars of Monday Night RAW


Coming off the back of what was – in my opinion – one of the best Wrestlemania’s of my lifetime, we were greeted with a stellar episode of Monday Night RAW. I believe this show was excellent too. The perfect follow up. I was really pleased with both events. I’ve decided to go for another Fame Five and pick out my personal highlights from a very good episode.

Wade Barrett

It was brilliant to see Wade Barrett win back his Intercontinental Championship, but it just makes his match with The Miz all the more pointless and confusing. I don’t see the point in the whole thing, but it’s good that he is back in the gold. I just hope it can propel him on to better things. The crowd were hot for him. He put on an excellent performance and got a brilliant reaction from the fans, even as a heel. You could tell it was the show directly after Wrestlemania because a lot of the English fans who travelled over were getting the ‘Eng-er-land’ and ‘Let’s go Barrett’ chants going. Wade was one of the highlights of the show this week!

John Cena

After having a great match with The Rock on Sunday, The Champ was around to gloat and soak up the dissent. It’s almost like he is drifting into this brilliant tweener position. He is now relishing the negative reaction he gets from the crowd. He boasted about his title win on multiple occasions, and that’s not what a babyface does. I have to say, I love his new attitude. While The Rock was side-lined by an obviously fake injury from the night before, John Cena was out there trying to entertain. He fed on the tension from the crowd and it made for a very entertaining promo.

Booker T

How can I miss out the inventor of the Fame Five, just after he has been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2013? I couldn’t and wouldn’t. It was brilliant to see the Booker Man still staying relevant as a Hall of Famer, still playing an important on-screen role in the show and arranging shows. It’s not often that a General Manager gets props these days, and I don’t know if it’s just because I have a soft spot for him, but I think he is doing a good job, and I’m really happy that his performing career has been properly recognised with a place in the Hall of Fame.

Dolph Ziggler

I don’t need to say a lot to justify this but just the facts. Dolph Ziggler finally cashed in his Money in the Bank contract and beat Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship. That title just got a hell of a lot more important. I genuinely believe this could usher in a new era for that championship. With such a talented worker like Ziggler on top, I can envisage battles with people like Daniel Bryan and CM Punk. I have such high hopes for Dolph. Let’s just hope they don’t drop the ball on the chance to really develop a top, TOP superstar.

The Undertaker

Wrestlemania saw Taker make it 21-0, something which I was delighted about. I didn’t expect to see him on Raw last night. That is enough to put him on the list alone. He was surrounded in the ring by The Shield, while doing a promo. I expected him to get beat down to set up some kind of match for next year, but Kane and Bryan came out and stood side by side with The Deadman. I don’t know what all of this means, and what’s next, but could it be impossible to see a six man tag match at Extreme Rules? I didn’t think he would be back until next year, but if that’s the case, that whole segment last night was a useless waste of time.


4 thoughts on “Dolph Ziggler and the other stars of Monday Night RAW

  1. Brilliant blog! check out my article on wm29 at
    but with that aside,… excellent raw, fantastic crowd, this was more Wm wortgy. EVERYONE was over! EVEN SWEET T (Tensai). im sure it did wonders for johnny curtis backstage(Fahndahngoooh)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Extreme Rule’s man, Elimination Chamber’s not ’til next year! Personal highlight has to be Dolph’s celebration. Crowd was ecstatic and you could tell how much it meant for him. But the moment the pyro went off for Kane and Bryan’s run in for ‘Taker I couldn’t believe my eyes! So it’s close. Fandango was awesome too.

    Incredible Raw. Seen a lot of stuff online about how it was better than ‘Mania. Can’t agree with that, no matter how I felt about the main event. Doesn’t really matter to me how predictable the matches were (pro-tip; it’s not real). the actual matches were high quality. Raw wasn’t better than WrestleMania. But it might be the best Raw I’ve ever seen. I can only hope other crowds in the US stand up and take notice. Vince McMahon should too.

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