TOUR BLOG #5: Liverpool – Studio Jams

IMG_0468We left Bad Edit yesterday very deflated. The venue was great and the people were cool. We just don’t understand why so few people feel the need to check it out on a Saturday night. The crowd was the worst of the tour so far. We were a little down in the dumps about the whole thing. As soon as we finished the show, we headed straight to Liverpool to stay with Sean Music TV. We were a little bit apprehensive going on as none of us had ever met Sean and had no idea what to expect. I’m sure he felt the same way.

Turns out he is a total legend and basically couldn’t be more on our level. It was like it was written in the stars. We would have settled for a cold floor in a shed, and we got absolute luxury. This guy knows how to host and how to entertain. We spent the whole night making music in his recording studio, getting a lot of inspiration. We smoked a whole load of inspiration last night. We recorded everything on audio and on video. We made a lot of memories and hopefully made a friend for the future. We then retired to bed with a sofa and huge duvet each in front of Toy Story 3 on a huge plasma 3D TV. This has to be the tour version of the Hilton.

This morning we met some of Sean’s friends. A rapper and an electric guitarist. We got the acoustic guitar and the two ukuleles on the go and had another huge recorded jam. We mostly rehashed a very interesting version of ‘No Cocaine by Alborosie. We all had a huge breakfast, and even got showers. Liverpool has already been my favourite place on the tour and we’ve only been in this house. We are really excited to drive into town for the show in a bit, but it will be a shame to leave behind a bunch of cool, like minded people. Hopefully we can all keep in touch.

IMG_0476We have a car full of friends coming up from home to come to tonight’s show. It’s gonna be so good to see them. The show is guaranteed to have a good crowd. Everything about today and tonight is the remedy for the depression we all felt in the car yesterday evening. I can’t believe how happy I’ve been in the last twenty or so hours. After tonight, it’s on to the three Yorkshire dates, which will probably be my personal highlight. I can’t wait to revisit my home away from home and hopefully see a lot of old friends.

IMG_0472Well we need to hit the road soon, but I’ll be back tomorrow to let everyone know how we got on at the Lomax, and beyond. Sadly it seems I’ll definitely be missing Wrestlemania until I can download it tomorrow, so avoiding all results like the plague while regularly making online tour updates is going to be a real challenge. Nonetheless, Liverpool has been incredible and I can’t wait to get to the show.


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