TOUR BLOG #3: Derby – The Victoria Inn


I’m sitting at the merch stand waiting for the show to start in wonderful Derby, at the Victoria Inn. I have to say it’s easily the best of the three we have visited so far, and one of my the best venues I’ve been to in the country for music. They have tonnes of pictures of previous bands who played here. Some pretty famous groups, and a whole lot of punk and hardcore bands which I love. The place has a really good atmosphere.

The room is separate to the rest of the pub and actually looks like a real gig venue. Black floors, walls completely covered in posters and pictures from nights gone by. The stage is awesome. There is actually a backstage area comprised of a few worn out sofas, a couple of broken fridges and a wooden table. There is equipment everywhere. There is graffiti all over the place, from all the people and bands to pass through here. It has such a good vibe for music. I can’t speak highly enough of the place.

IMG_0441I can’t remember if I recapped on the Blind Tiger show yesterday, because things started really late there. But the show went pretty well. Andy fell victim to the predictable irony that often plagues him. He went on second (by this time it was already past 11pm) to a pretty minimal crowd. An hour or so after he finished, the place got much more busy, which is disappointing. However we did a few sales and met a lot of cool people. In the end, we left the venue happy. We had a bit of a nightmare on the motorway that night, and we didn’t even leave the place til 1am, but oh well.

Today is a new day. We are in Derby. We have everything set up perfectly for a good show. I’m even gonna catch a cheeky bit of Friday Night Smackdown on this laptop from the merch desk while the show is going on. Then it’s off to Nottingham to stay with Faye tonight. That should be cool. I’m hoping to get some Call of Duty on the go if possible. But before all that, we are at an awesome venue, there is a stacked lineup and a decent crowd developing in the bar outside. I’ll be sure to let you know how we got on tomorrow. I don’t know when I’ll get the time because we are organising tomorrows show in Stoke, so it’s gonna be one stressful day, but I had better find a bit of time.

I’m out. Keep following for more updates!


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