TOUR BLOG #2: Bolton – Music Videos


So first thing. I’m having wifi problems. This is pretty common being on the road and not knowing where you’re going to be next. So this has been written on my iPhone entirely. I can’t describe how much harder I find it to blog like this, but I didn’t want to just not have an update at all. After all, I have a lot to report!

Firstly, the show last night at Bay Horse in Manchester was pretty cool. Good, well organising promoter. A solid crowd and some amazing artists. We would have preferred it if Andy got a slightly longer set, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles. The headline band ‘The Beautiful Word’ were also on tour. They reminded me a lot of The Weepies – good, wholesome folksie fun! We saw some other great acts and met a lot of cool people. Professionally it may not have gone entirely to plan, but it was a great time!

We then rushed the car back to the place we were staying. The two lads who put us up were absolute legends. They took us to a hip hop night called Juicy at a place called Joshua Brooks. The music was incredible, the drinks were reasonably priced, the place was absolutely teaming! Top night. We went back to chill out until we finally got to sleep around 6am. A total success of an evening.

This afternoon (when we finally got up the courage to move) we decided to go and be creative. We’ve been filming a whole load of stuff since we left and thought we should continue this trend. I noticed a great park nearby earlier that day and suggested we go and shoot there. We filmed a few separate angles for a little music video for Brains’ title track ‘Work. Rest. Play’ along with a lot of other cool material. While we were there, we decided we may as well record a three way cover of No Cocaine by Alborosie with a guitar and two ukeleles. All of this will be seen for free before this summer as part of the tour film thing, so keen an eye out for that!

Once we were too cold to film any more fun in the park, we headed for Bolton. Upon arrival, I can honestly say this place seems a lot like Wolverhampton. It’s not particularly distinctive, but it does have a few really cool looking music venues, as well as an abundance of strip and lap dance joints.

I’m now sitting at the Merch stand in the Blind Tiger. It’s a pretty awesome venue but it’s only just starting to draw a few people in at eleven o clock! Things must start late around here. I can’t tell how long this is because there is no word count on this stupid app, or I’m too stupid to see it. I also can’t tell how long the paragraphs are on this either, so this post is probably all out of whack.

Oh well, better than nothing. I’ll be through with another update tomorrow in Derby! Hopefully this time it will be written on my laptop. Check out Brains for Breakfast on Facebook and Twitter for updates and go to the Chameleon page on this site.

Thanks for reading. Go Tour!


3 thoughts on “TOUR BLOG #2: Bolton – Music Videos

  1. oh yeah, it was like justtttt like wolvo! lol
    i thought walsall when we were there, only just read this and your right! hahaa

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