TOUR BLOG #1: Manchester – On The Road

Unfortunately I’ve been so busy that I’ve neglected my blogging duties a fair bit over the last week. I’m currently in the car squinting to see my laptop over a huge amount of glare from the sunlight. It’s giving my screen a bit of a 3D glasses tint kind of thing. I have to say it’s pretty trippy. The car radio is out so I’m banging some Gnarls Barkley on here. I’m embedded in a sleeping bag, a multi-coloured woollen throw my Mum knitted for me a few years back, and a couple of awesome pillows. There are plenty of snacks and multimedia in the bags next to me. We are all set to hit the road!

We are gonna be shooting as much stuff as we possibly can each day on three different video cameras (sounds more impressive than it is, bearing in mind that I bought one of them from an online Japanese knock off company about eight years ago) – We are hoping to edit this into some kind of tour video thing. We aren’t entirely sure on the format, but it seems cool to document as much stuff as we can. The places we go, the people we meet, the things we see and do. Obviously I’ll upload anything that comes of that onto here. Joe’s camera is currently blu-tacked to the dashboard recording our drive.

I’m going to try and blog as much as I can and keep to the things I would normally do wherever possible. This obviously goes for wrestling. I saw Raw on Monday, which I absolutely loved. I almost feel guilty that I haven’t uploaded a real attempt at critiquing that. Maybe I will get a chance at some point soon, but for now let’s just say that I’m dying from anticipation for this Sunday. I’m still not entirely sure how I’m going to watch it but I have a few ideas and I’m hopeful I will at least see the event live as it happens. It may end up being a stream, but that’s better than nothing.

But that isn’t the only thing I’m excited about obviously. I’ve dreamed of touring since I was like fourteen. The three of us are gonna be exploring the nation, partying a lot and meeting loads of new people. That’s pretty amazing. There are definitely gonna be the lows (not too much access to showers, a lot of driving and probably a bit of stress) Nonetheless, the pros completely outweigh the cons. I am fully in excitement mode. April is going to be a pretty amazing month. We will be riding this tour thing until April 18th and then three days later it’s time for my favourite annual ritual: The Leeds Annual Zombie Film Festival. I’m going to blog more on this closer to the time.

Obviously I don’t have access to Wi-Fi in this moving vehicle, and I can’t write anything lengthy on the iPhone app. This will have to be uploaded later on tonight when I get to somewhere. I drew up a whole tour schedule which we have printed out. One of the details on it is the places we are staying (addresses, post codes, contact name and numbers) Except for the show in Stoke on the 6th, we have a place to stay every night. I hope the guy we are with tonight has good Wi-Fi. I want to download Season One of Prison Break. That’s unrelated, although this post doesn’t have much that is related to anything.

Expect more ramblings and needless info from my next post. We are almost in Manchester. I can’t wait for tonight’s show. I can’t wait for every show, for Wrestlemania, for Zombie Fest. April is going to be a great month!

This was uploaded at 04.13 or a couple of minutes later than that by a guy who was fucking wasted in a house with absolutely sick Wi-Fi.


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