My first day wearing glasses


It’s time for another non-wrestling related post. Sorry everyone! Well, on we go… Today was my first day wearing my new prescription glasses. I was very nervous to break those bad boys out, because people notoriously hate those who wear glasses to look cool. I did get a couple of comments, but I was expecting to have to carry my doctors note with me as proof. The criticism and accusations weren’t anywhere near as fierce as I though they would bet. So that was a pleasant surprise. Then again, there is a long way to go, so I expect some more abuse before too long.

Aside from the opinions of others, the effect on myself has been a positive one. From the first second I put them on, I immediately felt that everything was clearer, so much clearer. I have been experiencing some mild headaches, but that’s perfectly natural according to what I’ve read. It just takes a few days to get used to. One person described it as your eyes “getting used to seeing properly” – It’s definitely something. They should help me get by looking at screens the entire day with much less pain and discomfort.

I haven’t experienced any of the dizziness or anything, but I did have something pretty interesting. I kind of felt like I was walking on stumps, or sinking into quicksand or something. I don’t know if it’s my senses being affected by the change in perspective or what, but I haven’t felt that weird since I was high as shit at Download Festival about six years ago. Another thing I wasn’t expecting was just how hard I would find it to keep them clean. I’m not really a mucky person but keeping these things from getting smeared and clouding my vision is providing difficult.

On the whole, I’m just getting used to this new experience, but I’m very happy to know that I can stare at my laptop, my phone and Call of Duty all day and night without getting huge headaches. Well, at least I will be able to soon.

And that’s the end to surely the most boring post I’ve ever wrote. This is why I should stick to wrestling.


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