A cry for help

undertaker-vs-cm-punk-wrestlemania-29As you should know, I love wrestling. You also may have heard about the full UK tour I’ll be going on with my close friend Brains for Breakfast in support of his upcoming EP over April 3-17. This means that for Sunday 7th April (For those of you who don’t know, this is the night of Wrestlemania 29) – I will be in Liverpool. Gutting, right? I’ve been scouring the internet for weeks now trying to secure somewhere to watch the show. Since I got into wrestling in 1998, there haven’t been too many years that I’ve missed watching the Showcase of the Immortals live. I really don’t want to do so this year.

Obviously, I have some options. We will be staying with the very generous and talented Emilio Pinchi after the show that night. He has broadband, so illegal streams may be my best shot. But I don’t want to leave my favourite night of the year to a stream. They are renowned for being slow, stop and starty, and are usually taken down after a while. I don’t want to be trying to find a new stream after mine fails midway through Undertaker v CM Punk. I know this because I used them a lot when I was at university. They are majorly hit or miss. For RAW or Over The Limit yes, Wrestlemania not so much.

Sky have very kindly informed me that I can’t order the show on Sky Box Office like I normally do, and watch it on my iPhone or laptop using Sky Go. Surely it’s only a matter of time before they add this feature, and I can’t wait for that day. In the meantime, I’m very sad to hear this news. I would happily pay even double the price of the PPV just to get to see it on my laptop, but no. So legal streams aren’t an option.

My best choice would be to find a venue that’s ordering it and showing it themselves, and party all night watching Wrestlemania. Ironically, Walkabout in Birmingham (the city I work in and live just outside of) is having a huge party showing the event, and expecting over 800 people, just like they did last year. They are charging £4 for the privilege, which is great business. People save £11 and they get to have a great time drinking and partying with friends, and making new ones. The bar makes an absolute killing on tickets, food and drinks. This must be happening everywhere!

I looked, it isn’t. How ironic. Walkabout bars in Carlisle, Cardiff and Glasgow are doing the same thing, but that appears to be the lot. Some independent pubs and bars across the country are showing it, but I can’t find squat in Liverpool. Very frustrating. I’ve been making calls, sending emails and googlin’ my fingers off. This is testament to just how much of a wrestling nerd I truly am. But it seems it may be tragically all in vain.

This post is a plea. If you’re reading this, and you live in or around the Liverpool area, please respond to this with a comment, or send me an email at slam.dunked@live.com

I would really appreciate the help. Whether it’s a house party that welcomes a random, travelling wrestling fan passing through town, or if you know of a small pub that shows the event, please do get back to me. I really appreciate any help or advice I can get!


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