Can you dig it?

The latest inductee into this years very star studded WWE Hall of Fame is none other than the former 5 Time WCW Champion, Booker T. What is there to say about this man? The guy has been one of the highlights of my experience growing up with wrestling. He was one of the only guys from late 90s WCW that I actually liked. He was a shining light during the Invasion period, which to this day is still one of my favourite storylines in history. Above all else, he conquered many road blocks and hurdles to eventually succeed in the promised land. He can now be remembered as a tremendous athlete, captivating character and one of the most decorated champions in the history of the business. Am I the only one who gets all choked up by a good Hall of Fame promo video?

I can remember so many great moments during my childhood watching Booker T. When he first entered WWE and began feuding with The Rock, I saw the same glow on him that I did on Stone Cold and The Great One. That may not have been the case for everyone, but I was really into him. I loved his mic work, his move set, even his amazing theme music. Put another one of my childhood idols Shane McMahon next to him, and you have a great character.

He wasn’t always in those main event situations and suffered multiple setbacks and frustrations. He was passed over many times, and misused. But he had that star power to keep himself important. When he wasn’t headlining PPVs, he was spicing up the tag-team division, holding the Intercontinental Championship or even winning the prestigious King of the Ring tournament.  He had a couple of stints away here and there, but over the past decade and more since his arrival, you always got the feeling he was going to have a long lasting legacy in the biggest wrestling organisation in the world. Now he will always be remembered.

I love the fact that he is still the current Smackdown General Manager and a regular on screen talent. It’s rare that someone still extremely relevant and prevalent in the product is inducted. Some may not like it, but I think when done occasionally it can make an induction all the more special. For him to be recognized by his peers on the grandest stage of all, while still a working character is something to be really proud of.

I can’t imagine who else they plan to induct this year, but this class has the danger of exploding the universe. The list of names on the sheet is a who’s who of professional wrestling at this point. It has to be the strongest line-up I’ve seen, at least since the Shaun Michaels induction. They may just leave it as it is. I just hope they give everyone TV time this year, or just exclude Trump. If Foley, Booker, Bruno and Backlund aren’t all shown on TV (and eventually viewed on YouTube by me), I will be very disappointed. Not that I don’t love Trish, and she is definitely not the same as Trump. She will get a huge pop and I’d love to see her speech. But for me, it’s about the four former World Champions.

Congratulations to all of those great superstars preparing to be added to the WWE Hall of  Fame this year.

Who would you like to see inducted into the Hall of Fame this year? What is your favourite Booker T moment? Please get in touch and leave a comment!


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