This is a session recap I wrote for the opening session of the Birmingham 2022 magazine project – Not really relevant to anyone who wasn’t there, but what the hell. Reblogging for rebloggings sake!

Birmingham 2022

b22 3

We had our first Birmingham 2022 session on Saturday at mac, birmingham. Here is a session recap written by Craig (pictured).

Session recap (Sat 16th March)

Today’s session was mainly about getting to know the other people in the group. We did a lot of exercises to help drum each others names into our heads, and I think it worked. I am pretty sure I have them all down now, and my memory isn’t great so it must have worked. It wasn’t all just about meeting and greeting. We also spent some time discussing the project, the schedule and the organisations involved (Capsule, Fused, Birmingham Library, etc.)

We looked to the future and imagined where we, our careers and the city of Birmingham may be in ten years. We filmed short videos with our thoughts. We partnered up, interviewed each other and wrote biogs on each other. This helped…

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