Smackdown: Business As Usual


I’m taking a look at this weeks Smackdown. I must have slightly more time on my hands than usual. I watched Friday’s episode and I’ve decided to work on my recap skills. Going back on what I’ve said in the past, Smackdown was back to its usual level of mediocrity with this episode. I don’t want to turn you off of reading on. There was some cool stuff that happened. I just feel that reading this would probably be more interesting than watching the show itself.

Things were opened up with a standard throwaway tag-team match/borefest, and we didn’t even get a generic Booker T promo preceding it. Sheamus and Randy Orton took on the irrelevantly reformed Team Rhodes Scholars. I don’t really have much else to say on that. This was followed by a cool backstage segment which threw up question marks over who will be in the six man tag against The Shield at Wrestlemania (which was needlessly officially announced later in the show) – I thought it was totally set that it would be Big Show joining the ‘Celtic vipers’ *vomit* but it now seems that Ryback may be the man of their choosing. I guess we shall see.

Aside from this storyline and its development, Smackdown basically has come to resemble Sunday Night Heat. It’s almost completely a re-cap show for Monday Night Raw at this point. Why they continue to run separate house shows and have separate titles for the brands is beyond me. I understand it from a revenue standpoint, but that cash cow can only go on for so long with this kind of demotion. I mean, who really wants to go to a Smackdown house show?

Divas match – immediately skipped. Kane and Dolph Ziggler had a noticeably decent match, which the crowd were very hot for. Can’t complain about that! My new hero Fandango was out to once again delay his much anticipated debut by blowing off The Great Khali. I know most people probably hated it, and I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I was very entertained by this whole segment. Fandango will probably be as hateable as Brodus Clay in no time, but for now, I am really digging him.


Now for the most eye-opening part of the night. Randy Orton and Sheamus were cutting a backstage promo, when out of nowhere Roman Reigns speared Sheamus through the set with absolute velocity. The Shield then proceeded to beat the two down. The World Tour Update is usually something to get me reaching for the flicker quicker than a Divas match, but on this occasion I noticed Ryback speaking, so I stuck around. The more they let him speak, the better. I love him, he is simple but effective!

Ryback came out for his match with Mark Henry after inspecting The Shield’s carnage backstage. The end of the match saw another sneak attack, but this was cool because Ryback put up a good fight and came over really well. He managed to clear the whole ring at one point. Of course the three of them eventually got him down, with some help from Henry with the distraction. After they left his carcass in the ring, The World’s Strongest Man delivered several big time body slams, which will only fuel speculation. There are now two realistic, logical paths for Ryback at Wrestlemania, but which will it be?

Of course I skipped the Vault match. Then it was the main event. Chris Jericho wrestled Jack Swagger to a good, solid match as expected. An amateur champion and a seasoned veteran, the two of them are more than capable of this. A quick bit of opinion: Jack Swagger’s new music is amazing! It also occurred to me that he must be the perfect heel, because no matter what he does, who could cheer him at a live show? Knowing his character and how it is perceived, even a Smart Alec like me wouldn’t dare ironically give him love at an event. That’s a quick way to be taken for a racist and punched in the face.

Swagger got the clean win over Jericho in a very good main event. This was more great momentum for him and his character. It seems sad that this will probably all be for nothing. Even if by some miracle, they planned on having him beat Del Rio at ‘Mania, it is almost certain that Dolph Ziggler will be cashing in on the grandest stage of all. It only makes sense. I suppose the drama surrounding the World Heavyweight Championship and all the possible routes it could take through Wrestlemania and beyond is probably the only thing keeping Smackdown vaguely interesting. That and The Shield, of course! Those guys have some of the best heat in the whole company right now, and that’s a fact. And I’m afraid that’s all we have time for.



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