Work. Rest. Play

Work. Rest. Play

Work. Rest. Play – Released 31/03/13 on Chameleon Recordings & iTunes

From the first listen, you’re just hooked. That’s the magic of this EP. It’s catchy, but it has a kick. Young, ambitious songsmith Brains For Breakfast has been a solo recording artist now for around five years. He has recorded several demos and EPs, and has played shows extensively in the Midlands area and elsewhere in places like London, Manchester, Stoke, Derby, Essex and Leeds. His experience is for all to hear in this piece of work. It’s finely crafted, fine tuned and full of talent. It also explicitly represents the passion and dedication of the artist to his chosen profession. The stories that are thinly veiled in these tracks are those of youth and experience, hope and loss, stability and unfamiliarity. It’s a group of songs that could speak so easily to the young and slightly lost masses.

As I mentioned before, the tracks are insanely catchy. It’s just so hard not to recite every word after two or three listens. Everything from the chord structures to the melodies has an unavoidable pull to it. I’m hearing Frank Turner and Get. Cape. Wear. Cape. Fly influences at particular junctions. However, despite the inspiration drawn from others over the years, you can now hear a definitive shift into a more independent territory with this record. The EP sounds like Brains For Breakfast, more than it does any past idols. If you go back and listen to his earlier work, you will notice this progression. This is a well orchestrated selection of songs, to typify a new chapter in what should be a long journey for an experienced but still emerging artist, with a lot to offer.

Aside from the bare bones of the music, there is a great deal to be said of the lyrical content. Some of the material is inherently personal, but this EP features a lot of socio-political backdrops and messages which are very easy to spot. It may be catchy, but it has a bite. Topics like unemployment, drug abuse and debt are discussed candidly. Work. Rest. Play speaks to your average person. Whether that is the struggling working class adult or the unemployed and mislead adolescent. It takes away the glitz and the glamour, and bears the reality of a nation. You may tap your feet, and nod your head, and this music is not going to make you depressed. But it does still have messages, and many of them. It speaks to a whole generation of young people in a place with practically zero opportunities.

After many years of hard work, and a lifelong obsession with music, it’s time for Brains For Breakfast to embark on a new journey. This EP is a bite-sized culmination of all the hard work and the determination, the ups and the downs, the inspiration and the independence. It is a sign of things to come. It’s the start of a brighter future. It’s the songs of a young man from a grey town, telling you what he sees, what he thinks and what he feels. It’s damn near impossible not to relate to most of this material. Don’t miss out on something good, and don’t forget the name Brains For Breakfast.

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