This is a review which I sub-edited for Chameleon Recordings. It looks at the Chameleon artist and UK hip hop sensation Big Dog Yogo‘s mixtape Pain Release. It was originally written by my colleague and friend Fear (AKA Doctor Strange) – Be sure to check it out, and download the music for FREE with this link:


Pain Release

“I ain’t trying to buy shit, all I do is stack”

Big Dog Yogo is a UK hip hop artist from Birmingham and Pain Release is possibly the best introduction to what he is all about. It also features a cadre of the best young talent from across the second city. Not saddled with any of the pretence that plagues the music industry, Big Dog isn’t afraid to say it as he see’s it. Featuring dark yet slick production, all 18 tracks have a beat most rappers would die for.

A glamourized look at the life of a young inner city man, Big Dog revels in the gangster lifestyle, yet makes no attempt to hide the harsh and brutal realities that most rappers would simply ignore or gloss over. The best example of this would be track four, Pickin’ Up Weight, which showcases Big Dog’s gruff and abrupt…

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