My resignation

The straw that broke the camel’s back

So, my earlier update today (while at work) highlighted my current mental state. To cut a very long story short, the same thing happened to me again AFTER work, only worse. I waited for 45 minutes for a bus home, while only two of the four vehicles scheduled to be passing through during that time actually arrived. Both drove straight past full to the brim with passengers. I phoned the complaints line for one last bitching session and decided I can’t do this anymore.

The ironic thing is that I’ve really started to enjoy my job recently. I’ve finally settled in and my optimism about work is at an all time high. I have recently been promoted. I now enjoy more responsibility, am involved in much more interesting projects on a regular basis and feel a lot more respect and kindness from my employer. A lot more than I would have expected a few months ago.

But sadly, for the sake of my stress levels and in turn my physical and mental health, I just can’t be wasting two to three hours of my day waiting at bus stops in vein and crawling through traffic. Tomorrow morning I’m calling my boss to resign; something I don’t look forward to one little bit. it’s going to be awful. I wish I lived next door so I didn’t have to leave because frankly, I think I’m going to miss working there, to some extent.

Nonetheless, I need to look to the future. I need to take a temporary financial hit and take a fairly big risk, in order to find an equally rewarding position in Walsall, allowing me to walk to work. I’d rather have to take my chances (which I believe from past experience to be very good) that I can find something new within a couple of weeks – than keep having semi-rage attacks every day and in turn accelerating my condition (which is heavily influenced by stress)

Tomorrow is a brand new day. A scary one. I feel a sense of liberation and freedom, along with feelings of cautious trepidation. It’s gonna start with a horrible phone call, but hopefully end with the optimism of a long day spent making the calls, sending the emails and forcing myself back into work in no time. Today was the final straw. I hope tomorrow can be the fresh beginning.



2 thoughts on “My resignation

  1. Thanks a lot bro. I’ve called and resigned, updated my CV, and booked an appointment with my doctor to organize sick pay while I’m looking for a new position. Not bad for the four hours I’ve been up. Now to start calling agencies and employers. Fingers crossed. Cheers for the support and best of luck to you too man!

  2. People who might read this would possibly think Loathing was overstating the sheer incompetence of West Midlands Travel, but he is not. I experience it every time I arrive at a bus-stop, check the time of the next arrival and am still waiting ten minutes after the next arrival. For me it’s one of those things, the bus will not turn up when it says it does and there’s nothing that can be done about that undeniable fact. If I had regular things to get to I’m sure my apathy would be rage. About a lot of things.

    Having listened to him moan and seen the affects first hand (pure rage, deep resentment) for months (years maybe? I don’t know, the last three years have swarmed into eachother for me) these actions have been long coming. I’m sure the next time we’re face to face you’re gonna be a lot less frustrated.

    Best of luck to you in the new job hunt. I’m sure at the very least, you’ll do a much better job than I have.

    Never give in to the Fear.

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