Maybe I spoke too soon (another bad day at work)

I won’t bore you (or more accurately, myself) with the minute details as to why, but today has been a total joke. You can guess what started off the bouts of shaking and fist clenching. It’s a three letter word beginning with B and ending in S. That’s right! My favorite mode of transport was back to winning ways again, making me an hour late for work, putting a late mark next to my name and costing me an hours pay. But what’s seven pounds? It’s only around an eighth of what I pay for a travel pass each month, for the privilege of being late and losing money.

Okay, so I won’t go into any more detail about my journey to work. Let’s just say I had to imagine Martin Lawrence ‘Wu-sah’-ing his way to mental calmness YET again. This seems to be the only way to prevent myself from eventually sinking my teeth deep into the face of a bus driver, or a nearby passenger (who looks at me the wrong way) – Abject morning to say the least. Perhaps my time at the office would continue along the relatively positive route I’ve felt it take as of late. Or of course, maybe not.

Today has been a real bad day at the office. So much so that I could murder an episode of The Office right now to distract me from my frustrations. Without boring you to death with the work I do (there is no reason for the both of us to die because of my inability to land a more interesting job) – today is just one of those days when everything goes wrong. Rude and moronic respondents, a lack of sleep, and unresolved anger issues (caused by buses, among other things) just isn’t a good mix for your average nine ta fivah.

To offer an update to a previous post [Not Enough Hours In The Day] – ( – I can let you all know (all twelve of you who have viewed this blog – as of the last time I checked yesterday evening) that it isn’t all good on the working front. Days like today remind me that although things have improved drastically, it’s still sometimes so hard to hold back the urge to drop out of life, sign up for benefits and quit my job. I think the fact I left my house an hour and a half before I got to work was the worst part. I don’t like waking up early, I don’t like the ignorant morons I often deal with in my line of work and I despise¬†smug bus drivers!

Things may be better than they were six months ago, but I still need to keep some of this frustration inside, in the hope it can drive me on to brighter things in the future.

Peace [of mind]



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