Green Musik Vol. 1

The opening segments of Green Musik expel an air of expectation of things to come from a young but accomplished producer. If you sit back, relax and listen to its sound, you will hear something both refreshing, yet challenging. From underneath the smog that covers the Black Country, MoJoe has been making moves for the past few years in the urban music scene, gaining valuable experience in almost every department of the local machine. This shows in a polished and structured mixtape, which makes biting, valid points while releasing an element of calmness, perhaps before the storm. This is a collection which illustrates a love and knowledge for hip-hop, far beyond the ordinary.

As an almost flawless intertwining of interesting, creative beats and passionate speech samples, this is a piece of work laden with brutal honesty, integrity and articulation. If you look past the mixing of the two, you will digest a range of messages, each as unyielding in it’s defiance as the last. This is a collection which inspires and chills the listener. While lending the views of such infamous political commentators as Tariq Ali and Bill Hicks, it puts across the message of it’s creator with consistent force, while keeping you anticipating the next musical release. The next beat brings with it a chance to relax and mull over what you’ve learned, because this mixtape is just that: educational. For the impatient and reluctant majority, this may not bring satisfaction.

Moving away from the samples on topics like war, drugs and the environment, it is important to remember that this is not a pretentious, drawn out series of lectures. It’s an expression. The stable and measured structure of the mixtape provides a chance to digest information and ideas through the informal medium of music, a technique which has long been utilized by hip hop producers and artists to make a point. However, this sound is not dominated by the voices of others, but more by the music of one man. Through that expression, comes a selection of individual hip-hop beats which despite their unique nature, blend together with reliable consistency. Simply put, some of the tracks on this mixtape are an MCs dream. Whether you just want something to vibe to, or you want something to inspire you, Green Musik is worth a modest half an hour of your time.

From a collection so unique and creative, so brash and confrontational, you can take away many messages. It is political, ecological and revolutionary in both its concepts and delivery. From spine-tingling words of wisdom, to tracks full of rhythm and depth, this mixtape is guaranteed to get the head nodding. How you choose to enjoy Green Musik is entirely up to you, but may I suggest you take a tip from the title. Sit back, relax and prepare to get deep.


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