Not enough hours in the day

My day-to-day life is relatively normal, aside from the various idiosyncrasies which force me to spend a good portion of my time performing certain laborious tasks with rigorous obsession. I work a nine ta five job in a relatively comfortable, warm environment surrounded by good company. In recent months, I have become much less frustrated with my job. This worries me. The more I smile at work, the less likely I am to push myself into finding something more rewarding both financially and psychologically in the long term. For now, I am content with the money I am paid, I love the people I work with and the place which takes up more than half of the hours in which I am awake throughout the week just isn’t making me that angry or depressed anymore.

However, there still exists an element of frustration and loss. In between working a job which pays the bills but doesn’t inspire me whatsoever, coping with a medical condition which drains my time and my patience and juggling family, friends and my girlfriend [pause for breath] I try my hand at a few different schemes in the hope of striking up something positive and enjoyable.

At this moment I am attempting (somewhat unsuccessfully) to: provide assistance to my good friend with work for his record label, make a documentary with my partner Fear on the subject of the northern soul scene, learn blues piano and begin taking FA coaching badges. I’m also hoping to learn Spanish, contribute to a magazine in an online capacity, learn to drive, write a screenplay and I’m hoping to document all of that in this blog.

Consider this a crash course in how to procrastinate, dream aloud and ultimately put forward your shortcomings for all to see. Here goes, if I can make one of those things happen to a relatively respectable standard in the next year, I will be a happy man, maybe.

Hopefully tomorrow, or at some point this week I will be posting a review I’m currently writing for a release on the record label I mentioned above, complete with a link. Stay locked for that. It seems so weird saying that to nobody.

Release the peace.



3 thoughts on “Not enough hours in the day

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